Sunday, March 27, 2011

springtime manifesto

bloom, 2011

This is where I will be, this springtime.

Revisiting drawing through Betty Edwards.

Beginning a new program that prioritizes feeling good over the ideas of work and discipline.

Focusing on Heidi Swanson's recipes for inspiration.

Where will you be?

Spring Song Felix Mendelssohn

+ Inspired by Shari and The Art of Seeing Things +


  1. I'm intrigued by this new program of yours. Feeling good > work + discipline? Where do I sign up?

  2. Ah. Good for you.
    I'll be running. In running shoes. This is a staggering thing for me. I'll be reintroducing myself to The Artist's Way - to make that side of my brain start exercising again.

    I'll look forward to seeing (maybe?) what you come up with. Good luck.

  3. i haven't visited 101 for the longest time. thx for reminding me. right side of brain, artist's way, ... where's the time fled to, hey?
    a spring plan is the best plan.

    i might just prod along (renovating), (reading), (generally firing up a feel good mode), (not always succeeding).
    staying happy too. relaxed. deffo.
    good luck, sweet d. we will be witnesses, i'm guessing.

  4. i´m so with you on nr. 2 and 3!!! these two things are really essential...

  5. #1 I'm going to enjoy the lightness of being that always wells up in me come springtime.

    #2 I'm going to spend more time outside both in the garden and walking.

    #3 I'm going back to the gym to try and find my abs and triceps because I think I left them there.

    #4 I'm going to get rid of this spring cold.

    # 5 I'm going to try and read Freedom, I didn't care for The Corrections, but I'll give this a go. today. In bed, getting over the cold.

    xo J.

  6. I'm like flwrjane---being outside, walking and gardening! and, when possible, dining outside, too.
    my little backyard is a sanctuary that needs some attention--a little spring cleaning upliftment is just the thing.

  7. I like your focus - art (you'll be drawing!), feeling good (on going), and food (always). Excellent...

    Moi? all I can think about is getting outside and taking a walk. The sun, the sun, the sun :^)

  8. i'm intrigued too :-) lovely greetings

  9. i'm definitely joining in on number three. hope you'll keep us updated on your progress. xo

  10. Love the springtime manifesto and now you've really inspired me. I'll be visiting the Gardens of the World when the blossom appears, reading in the park close to my home in the late afternoon, getting up early to take photos and reading Tinkers which you recommended. Love Heidi Swanson's recipes too.

  11. aaah..a beautiful manifesto it is..
    I will be returning to basics of course ;)

  12. ... I know i will be over at chez Danisse for constant and lovely inspiration...

  13. I love your manifesto; I hope you'll follow up with us on it from time to time...

  14. Mendelssohn reminded me of the hour spent at the park last week, sitting in the sunshine as my son picked miniature daises peeking out of the grass. I want more days like that one.

  15. De-clutter is my word. Be it my mind, my inbox, or my cupboards.

  16. 101 cookbooks is my go-to for recipes. i always find something delicious and healthy to eat!

  17. You draw? Very cool...I've been wanting to put up a post regarding drawing for a few weeks now. I hope you do revisit it.

    I like your focus plan and of course you can't go wrong planning meals via Heidi.

    My spring? After I defend...get outside and move, finish up some knitting projects and some drawing projects, prepare for the field, read a book...find time to decompress.

  18. I love heidi's recipes - use them all the time.

  19. probably locked in an office trying to stand up the payment system for the incentives program

  20. i like the sound of that manifesto.

  21. A perfect manifesto for spring - the movement part sounds intriguing, likewise Betty Edwards sounds fascinating... There is something about Mendelssohn...thank you he's perfect for where things are right now.

  22. I'll be in the yard, planning and planting. The solitude, I hope will help me find some focus. I like your link to Spring Song. Perfect.

  23. I am afraid I will be trying to keep my head over water this spring. So many things ahead that I feel a bit overwhelmed. Hopefully I can be of more inspiration this fall.

    Until then I will come over here for a respite of my own life.

  24. @Joanna, Just trying to make workouts more "want" than "must" and experimenting with a few new ideas.
    @mosey, I used to love jogging on the lakefront in Chicago. Enjoy your running and your new shoes. It's been so long since I worked thought The Artist's Way, with a couple of girlfriends. I enjoyed it. Have fun with your morning pages.
    @woolf, "feeling good mode" seems like a good plan to me.
    @WSAKE, Agreed.
    @Jane, How is it going w/ Frazen?
    @nancy, I think I need a sanctuary.
    @Janis, Thanks. Hasn't the weather been superb!
    @design elements, Thank you.
    @shari, I've been distracted by Saveur's latest "sandwich" issue.
    @Emily Vanessa, Lovely plans. I hope you enjoy Tinkers.
    @Tracy, :)
    @t, The basics are not to be underrated. Enjoy.
    @Amelia, You are so nice to me.
    @Lecia, Thanks. I'll see what I can do.
    @Rachael, What a great day. I'm glad Mendelssohn brought it back for you.
    @Michele, I do enjoy a clear space to work. Enjoy the process.
    @debbie, I know! Heidi is a wealth of information.
    @Rachel, I used to draw, not exquisitely, but okay. It's been way too long. I feel I've lost it. Time to return. You do have a full spring. Make sure you fit in that book and a little decompression time. Take care of yourself.
    @Raina, She is good.
    @Char, :( I hope there are at least a few minutes of fun.
    @melissa (tiny happy), Thank you.
    @Annie, I think I'll give Mendelssohn another play, right now.
    @melissa (counting dandelions), I'd love to be in the yard planning & planting. Have fun!
    @Anne Marie, Bummer. Hopefully there will be at least a little bit of time for relaxation.

  25. It's good to take time to think these things through. It seems kinda silly that I'm here on the Internet saying my plan is to take more time away from the Internet, but there you have it. My manifesto was underscored by turning the page on my calendar to April and finding that it is Denise Month. Written at the head of it: "What one does mustn't be what one does, forever." Remember? Now it's a spring seed.

  26. Lovely manifesto. Sounds like it will be a great success.

  27. Shae, I do remember and still believe it is so. Enjoy your away time.

    Louise, Well... Some days are better than others.

  28. window in the kitchen is my dream. lovely.

  29. coco, I love this window too. It was in a little rental north of SF.