Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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waffle, 2011
Like Alice

The water is very hot,
so I drain the bathtub.

I turn to the side
and cross my legs,
fitting myself perfectly
into the width of the tub.

I look down at myself and think, I am

I focus on this for
a while, until I remember,
what you focus on expands.

So will my focusing on
this thought of being smaller
cause me to expand, grow larger?

Or will my focus expand
my thought of being smaller
and prompt me to shrink?



Mary knows there will always be birds, but she plans to broaden out a little bit, or maybe a lot, this is what she tells Maria. Her poems will change. I write of waffles and of bathtubs and plan to draw again. Kim gives away her fence, for Japan. I stop more often to jot it down, whatever it may be. Does it make me look anxious? I'm not. Shari dons a new hat, feather sewn into the side. She is taking herself less seriously. I decide to follow suit. Maizy wears perfume that smells of warm strawberry jello and Little Mary draws my portrait. Lisa eats a small bag of cheetos, while in her hospital bed. I revisit the line but you'll never see the end of the road while you're traveling with me, and know it is true. Mom saves me with fresh air and a banana. Rachael writes of raindrops and loneliness. And two other Rachel's return. I meet a little guy in a stroller, he dances without music. A father and daughter in Germany make a pendant for Japan. Chris sheds his consulting clothes and escapes on a ferry. I learn brisling sardines are the small ones I like. They are young sprats, an important Latvian export, but mine are Scottish. Dad finishes my chocolate cake. You smile as I walk by, and I smile too.


I Always Order a Waffle

They focus on inconsistency,
so I never get bored.
Dependable predictability
lives across the street.

Today my buckwheat waffle is eggy,
not a hint of buckwheat.

The syrup has an
odd molasses taste, but
there is always a
mound of butter.

Their one fault in the
system, the butter,
it is always the same.

Dependable butter and
inconsistent wheat,
one table with a view.

sponsored by the number 3
what Mary tells Maria
Kim's fence
Shari finds her hat
Rachael's raindrops
Rachel & Rachel
Help Japan Necklace
brisling sardines
chocolate cake


  1. Your writing fills me.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. taking self less seriously. wonderful.

  3. Oooooo Denise. Nice. Very nicely done. You are waking up the writer in me.

  4. I love Alice's riddle, hopped around March's interesting links (and humbled to find myself included - thank you), and as for waffle's last three lines ... they speak to life.

    Bravo, Denise.

  5. this is delightful. happy spring to you.

  6. Wonderful (as always) I particularly enjoyed Like Alice...I wonder will she expand or grow smaller...quite the conundrum...
    And a very nice collection of links...Rachael's Raindrops especially...

  7. Geez, you're such a poet.
    Take that as you will!

  8. It is always a pleasure, Denise. Thank you.

  9. Wow, so impressed by your poems and writing. I too love the dilemma over whether to shrink or expand and you've made me dream of going out for waffles.

  10. I'm always delighted to read your musings.Perfect way to start my day this morning. Thanks.

  11. Thank you, Denise.
    "what you focus on expands"... I needed to read this today.

  12. oh denise. these are so fantastic! and what a thrill to be written into a poem. thank you, friend. here's to taking ourselves less seriously!

  13. your words are always a lovely way, to enjoy an afternoon.
    thank you.

  14. Like Alice is wonderful. Reminds me of a song we sang at girl scout camp.

  15. There is much to digest here.

    And the links, omg, the links.This could be my reading for the week.

    unfortunately it isn't. I'm 278 pages into freedom and I might have found a character I like. Might not by page 300.

    Saw the trailer for Bloodintowine and I saw Jerome! I was so excited I jumped up and down at work.

    Thank you Denise.

    xo Jane

  16. and I return to you too.....actually I never really went away. Happy to have some suugestions of nice places to visit.I need them. happy weekend to you

  17. I adore the pieces you wrote - the way you observe the world and the people in it.

  18. already came back a few times to this post - there´s so much in to find and i will return until i´ve found it all. and i´m quite honoured to be a figure ina piece of literature now... really i am. thank you yo very much

  19. What a rich post. I want to linger. And savor.

  20. How I love your words...taking something as simple as the act of eating a waffle and making it into so much more. And what a beautiful, unique, and maybe most important...personal...way to link blogland notables (oh, how i'm pleased to be included in your list). Always a pleasure to read your words Denise...always a pleasure.

  21. I enjoyed reading this. Excellent.

  22. I love getting lost in your words. Flow within your images while I read.

  23. I shrunk in the bathtub of your thoughts... and expanded mine

  24. This just might be the coolest blog post I've ever read. Truly. (and thanks! - don't know how I missed it!)

  25. I'm just sitting here, pausing for a moment and smiling. You guys are the best. Thank you for visiting this space of mine and sharing your thoughts with me. I enjoy it, so much.