Friday, March 11, 2011


reflection, 2011

We were watching
tales of origami.

He thought it would
slow us down, ground us.

It worked,
but he closed his eyes
too soon.

Between the Folds


  1. Origami paper as delicate as the butterfly's wing. I think of ships that pass in the night, never to return and the short life of the butterfly. Is it better to be grounded or light enough to fly away at any moment? Love these posts full of inspiration.

  2. thank you for this link, denise. must jot it down, the documentary... i am into origami at the moment for different reasons, but here now, my mind gets enlightened.
    probably just what needed!
    stunning poem though.

  3. that was such a nice documentary. xo

  4. lovely... and a *stunning* photo as well.

  5. Thanks, everyone. Make some good memories this weekend.

  6. Thanks for the link; it looks like an interesting movie. And thank you, too, for the earlier referral of "Shadow Tag" by Louise Erdrich. It was interesting to read one of her earliest books and then one of the latest to see her growth as a writer. I also found the novel's examination of self, of image, of boundaries and privacy fascinating. A heavy book, but a good one.

  7. Beautiful, and what an eloquent tribute. Just added this to our queue...

  8. Thank you for the link. That is one doc movie I would lve to see. Paper magic.

  9. Thank you for this link! Beautiful image. xo

  10. oh those words seem so sad...
    thanks for the doco link - it looks fascinating - have just pinned it.
    ps: LOVE the magnolias - what a treat.

  11. Saw this last night. LOVED it. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I'm assuming you've seen "Rivers and Tides", the Andy Goldsworthy documentary?

  12. Rachael, I still haven't read Shadow Tag... Must do. The latest Paris Review was just released. Time for more inspiration.

    mosey, I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I have seen Rivers and Tides, several times. Good call. It's excellent.