Monday, August 29, 2011

One of Those Things

Self, 2010

It's been a while. Some of you have been around for years and I'd like to thank you for being here, reading, and commenting when the mood suits you. Writing is a fairly solitary endeavor and I enjoy this space, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one. I appreciate your being around for the good stuff and for your patience with my experiments. Much has changed since the summer of 2008, but I believe the important parts remain the same.

This is one of those things I usually do not do, but after some thought I decided it would be a good exercise to go back through the years and see what I've written here. I've thought a lot about the various types of posts I've written. Some make me proud and some duds (yesterday was sort of a dud...) I'm tempted to hide, but I won't. There are themes that repeat and thoughts I've allowed to fade. It's an evolution and it was a treat to look back at the way this space has stretched and contracted over time. Thank you, Amelia and Tracy, for this suggestion. It was viewing your walks down memory lane that inspired me to take my own.

Most beautiful post: February 8, 2011 A Reading
Most popular post: August 12, 2009 Julie & Julia Bruschetta

Most controversial post: May 24, 2011 Adaptation (Theft?)
Most helpful post: August 10, 2010 Who is she?
Success surprised me post: February 10, 2010 Shoot to kill.
Didn't get the attention it deserved post:
May 13, 2010 The Pier
Most proud of post: October 27, 2010 Of Parks and Trailers

The following talented writers and photographers have inspired me. I'd love to see them write similar posts and I hope they do, but until then I highly recommend taking a look at their spaces. Seeing the world through there eyes is something you don't want to miss.

Rachel's rachel eats
Rachael's the slow-cooked sentence
Shari's the art of seeing things
Lecia's A Day that is Dessert
Lucinda's nourish me


  1. To this I would add that yours is a very sure and self-contained blog, surely evolving but never imitating or erratically experimenting. It's always a click and a pause before the next click, a breath taken. I'm off to read 'The Pier'.

  2. Denise: You are an oasis in my day. I come hear to breath in some magic...and you never fail me (even the ones you call "duds"). I see some hidden gems in this post list, that somehow I missed, so I a excited to savor them one bite at a time. And I can't wait to visit your list of bloggers: I am sure I will be inspired.

  3. funny you should have a round up here, with an image that reminds me of another similar image, with which i first got to 'know' you, and your blog!
    it was a root in a glass of water then, as it is now.
    forever growing.

    anyway. i like the repose here.

  4. Amelia, Thank you. Enjoy those inspiring visits.

    n, It just might be the same photograph you recall. This is the image from a 2010 post I have noted above, Who is she?

  5. Thank you this has been a pleasant reverie through yours (and others) earlier posts. Perchance a happy anniversary (blog-i-versary?) is warranted? I thoroughly enjoy stopping by Chez Danisse - always inspiring thought, and a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of the written word.

  6. i've always liked your place. it is a very cozy comforting place for me.

    and thanks for sharing those other sites too.

    hope you had a good summer and look forward to your fall world.

  7. at Tracy's gentle prompting, I, too, have posted "the 7"
    and enjoyed the exercise.
    I loved Of Parks and Trailers, and I'm surprised that I missed The Pier. off to read...

  8. i'm guilty of sometimes too much and again not enough reflection, but have enjoyed very much this exercise in your context....

  9. oh this is great. i have just recently discovered ur lovely blog and haven't gone through all ur older entries but now with ur little list i will check them out :)

  10. i keep sneaking back, to drink it all in...wonderful to read your words, the diversity, the poetry, the imagery...may just do the same excercise myself, thank you. x

  11. Denise, thank you so much for finding my blog, food on fifth, and leaving a comment. You have a fab blog which I really enjoy reading and am signing up right now. It is great to make new blog friends. T

  12. you're welcome :-)
    thanks for this lovely trip down memory lane!

  13. Thank you for the mention - I am honored.

    You inspire me all the time, Denise. I'm glad you're blogging. xo

  14. this weekend i´m going to read all of this - i´m looking very forward to it because you´re pretty great...

  15. I've been spending much time on my vacation visiting with good friends.

    I feel as if you are one of them. Glad to see/hear/read you again.

    Now I have to make the damn bruschetta...

    Damn you Denise, another trip into town.

    xo jane

  16. such a lovely exercise in reflection. and also in realizing how much work you've put into this lovely space too. the blogosphere is always such a strange thing for me, but ultimately it's the artists & writers & that community that keeps me going. people like you!

  17. We started writing our blogs at about the same time, I like this companionship, I also like to think we have lots of other things in common too. Maybe I flatter myself. Stretching and contracting - what a good way to put it. Thank you for asking me and I am going to join in.

  18. thanks for posting those links.
    i will peruse them at my leisure.
    we are enjoying the last long weekend of the summer. my son returns home today.
    there will be beer.

  19. "There are themes that repeat and thoughts I've allowed to fade. It's an evolution and it was a treat to look back at the way this space has stretched and contracted over time."

    Yes! to all that. I echo your thoughts.

    And I look forward to reading those posts shortly. I will carve a little time spare and give them proper space.

    Thanks for this post, and all your posts. Your blog is one I particularly enjoy each and every time I visit. Equally, I enjoy the comments you leave for me on my own blog.

  20. Happy to have you writing. It always reminds me that through writing we get our thoughts down to our eyes, visible to ourselves.

    Your words, your thoughts also remind me that there are people who are able to think in order. I only have the possibility to catch a few thoughts from here and there, others are already gone.

    Waiting for rain. Sending you the last rays of the sun.

  21. Thanks for the shout-out. Thanks for the bruschetta, which is absolutely the most delicious thing I've eaten all summer. Thanks for reminding me to reread The Pier because it is good. But thank you most for being a writing friend.

  22. Beautiful post. Thanks for the memories:-)

  23. been thinking of you today and wondering what you are up to. so honored to be listed here. need to get back to writing again. hope you are well. xo

  24. Hello, All. seems two months have passed. I just want to tell you that you are all so very kind. Thank you for making me feel this space is a worthwhile pursuit. xx, Denise