Monday, August 8, 2011

Get Back to Work

Desk View, 2011

“Quit your complaining. It’s not the world’s fault that you wanted to be an artist. It’s not the world’s job to enjoy the films you make, and it’s certainly not the world’s obligation to pay for your dreams. Nobody wants to hear it. Steal a camera if you have to, but stop whining and get back to work.”

-Werner Herzog (a paraphrase)


  1. So true, and so good. And love this image.

  2. I don't dare complain about this post. Not that I would.

  3. good one...
    i needed to hear that today...
    (gettin' back to work...)

  4. I agree, I needed that right now in my life. Thank you.

  5. I need to take this advice. It's been one fucking crappy year for me at work—sorry for the language.

  6. Great quote! Maybe Congress should have this sent to them.

  7. I so admire Werner Herzog and the way he's never afraid to take risks and make the films he wants. Such words are so good and important to hear.

  8. Lecia, A little note to myself...

    mise, Wise.

    Pen and Paperie, I needed it too.

    Joanna, Agreed.

    kate, Now we can return when we need a reminder.

    suzie, Thanks to Werner and Elizabeth.

    Tracy, If the word fits... 8+ months is a long time. I hope things turn around soon.

    Jane, I believe there are many who can benefit from this. And depending on the day, I include myself in this list.

    Beth, Me too. Thank you.

    Emily Vanessa, I too find such risk takers admirable and inspiring.

  9. main thing--no complaints! instead, gratitude.
    the world is fortunate that you ARE an artist.
    finding expression for truth and beauty---that's our (poorly monetized) job.
    we all have to keep working, keep showing up.

  10. I love your pic... Interesting words, so different than the usual "talk"... (sorry for my bad english)...

  11. This is the greatest kick in the pants to stop procrastinating and get back to creating that I've ever read. Thank you.

  12. Excellent...sometimes for me it works this way: Quit complaining, its not the worlds fault you did not pursue being an artist... I am proud of you for making that brave choice

  13. nancy, So true. Sometimes it is as simple as getting there.

    Pascale, Thank you. I think I prefer unusual to usual.

    n, Yes, there you go.

    tori, Oh, superb.

    Amelia, One day this works and the next day I prefer a cookie and a hug.