Sunday, August 7, 2011

I still can’t remember all the best things she said

fog, 2011

The landscape here makes me feel small. When the secrets of the thick fog reveal themselves at dusk the mind is transported to a place where anything is possible.

Holding mugs of hot coffee in the cool mornings while looking out at the stillness of the bay, Bob Dylan's Isis in the background. I've been floating, suspended somewhere above my usual reality, drifting back into my past, forward into potential futures, and landing back in the beauty of the limbo present.

I remember walking beside my mom, the young cool chick with long dark hair. We are in the mall and she is asking the clerk in the record store if they have that new Dylan album, the one with Hurricane.

There's the future I'll keep secret so I don't write it away, and the words I'll type, but not say.

The calf has escaped, she's beyond the barbed wire fence, and appears to have done so without bloodshed.



  1. What a wonderful place where secrets are revealed in the fog and mornings are cool. I'd love to plunge into that photo. My ex boyfriend owned a blue kayak called the hurricane and used to play that album in honour of the boat.

  2. It's always startling to remember that there is a place with fog right now, when it's so bright outside. I just finished watching "No Direction Home", and now all of a sudden Dylan is everywhere, like magic.

  3. to a great secret future and a very cool mum!

  4. Emily Vanessa, It is a wonderful place and the moment I took that photo was pretty amazing too. It was after a walk on a cool moody beach. We pulled off the road so I could capture the moment. I liked that cow peeking through the fog. The story behind the song is haunting, but I bet you have some good blue kayak memories of this boat honoring ex.

    Stacy, This area has been beautifully drenched in fog lately, but not today. It is bright and sunny. I love Dylan's Desire album and the way it brings back my childhood. The story telling lyrics of songs such as Isis and Hurricane, lyrics I didn't understand as a child, are especially appealing to the adult me.

    WSAKE, Yes. !

  5. putting on 'oh sister' while rereading your post.
    ('sarah' being too obvious, and sometimes obscuring original feelings)


    13-year-old, hanging out of back window in parents' house.
    discovering this and others.
    not getting any of it.
    until now.


  6. beautiful, beautiful. i love that feeling of smallness that comes with being in the wilderness, i like how it humbles me to remember i am just one tiny part of this big lovely planet. happy dreaming to you...

  7. carina, Thank you.

    n, Okay, I've just put on Oh Sister while responding. I like that you have a memory attached to this music as well.

    Katrina, So true, we are each just one tiny part of it all. Thank you for sending dream wishes. Happy dreaming to you too.