Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How we spend our days...

Monday Morning, 2011

I couldn't help myself. -Denise

Sheriff's calls

Tuesday, July 19

SAN GERONIMO: At 7:55 p.m. someone reported that subjects unknown had attached a homemade street sign reading "Bird House Way" over an official street sign. The vandals had attached the sign with clothespins. Several unsanctioned birdhouses had also been attached to nearby telephone poles.

Saturday, July 23

INVERNESS: At 4:12 p.m. a man reported that a group of bikers grabbed him on his way to the post office, restrained him and took his picture.

Monday, July 25

WOODACRE: At 1:30 p.m. a woman reported that the garbage man always looks through her window from his truck. Deputies talked to the man, and determined that he was not doing anything illegal.

excerpts: July 28, 2011 Point Reyes Light


  1. Those birdhouse people sure know how to live. I hope the sheriff has an appreciation of installation art.

  2. Mise, Don't they? I believe we are in the perfect county for such appreciation.

  3. This sounds like Utopia to me.

  4. These are gems. I think I should get a subscription, the crime reports are guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Love the bikers -

  5. I want to live in this place as I'm sure I would fit right into that community. Your photo is sheer perfection.

  6. Where is this nirvana?

    Are there any boats I mean houses for sale?

    xo Jane

  7. Love these, Denise. That poor garbage man.

  8. I love that this is the big news. Such good stuff. You have brightened my day, thank you.

  9. glorious photo and priceless police report. love!

  10. Ha! love these Marin reports. the notion of "unsanctioned birdhouses" appearing on random telephone poles will make me smile all day.

    love the Monday Morning photograph. a dream.

  11. Love the image.

    I could see a fabulous series of prose poems based on this.

  12. Magnificent. What a story painted!

  13. your monday looks lovely. i think I like the birdhouse people a lot. :)

  14. Ok. I'll be right there. Just give me a minute to packs some things. Sounds perfect!

  15. wonderful!
    nice to catch up on your blog again!

  16. Tracy, It's pretty close.

    Janis, I might do the same.

    kate, Yes, to many it is.

    Lecia, Thanks. For one of many dreamlike days.

    Emily Vanessa, I did live here, for about a year. We still visit often. It's a pretty cool place.

    Jane, It is the beauty of West Marin. From what I know of you (specifically your Jerome days), you would love it, and they would love you.

    Michele, I know, poor guy...unless he was sneaking a peek.

    alexandria, Well...I did do some editing.

    lucy, Thanks.

    nancy, Giving you an all-day smile certainly makes it worthwhile.

    Molly, Thanks. Me too.

    gracia, Just a little bit of what's happening north of San Francisco.

    amanda jane, I like them too.

    melissa, Great! I know just the place for afternoon tea (West Marin style afternoon tea).

    Cha sen, It is true.

    Anne, Agreed. Thanks for taking some time to peruse.