Sunday, August 15, 2010

book one & book two

Reading with grapes, 2010

Have you ever finished two books in one day? I did, yesterday. I am still feeling a little disoriented. That huge exhalation, the slow thoughtful looking back on all you've just experienced, and the tinge of sadness as you let go of the familiar characters. Yes, it is just a book, but if it is a good book you feel as if you were there, as if you were really experiencing every word that was written. I've never had this feeling twice in one day, and although I am an advocate for new experiences, I am not sure I recommend it. I'd been reading book one for a long comfortable while and just had a few pages to read before it was finished. Book two had only a few pages read, the first few. It had its grip on me from the start. When I picked it up from the library I could not wait to begin and just had to read those first pages. I am convinced the structure of book two, no chapters, had at least something to do with my wildly whipping through it as I did. Believe me, it was wild. I did not come up for air and this is not the way I read. I am a slow reader. I savor. I'm still marveling at the way the author was able to take control of me in this manner. Impressive, indeed.

book one: The Summer Book by Tove Jansson
book two: The Lovers by Vendela Vida


  1. Wowsers - that IS impressive! I can imagine the post-read processing would be huge - especially with such strong tales. One of the great joys (and sorrows) of reading is when a story draws you in to such an extent it feels as though it is real, and how one can spend hours, at times weeks, afterwards reflecting. The sorrow of this joy is that often, when the tale is particularly affecting, you don't want it to end, and almost mourn the end as a true loss....

  2. I love the way you describe the feeling of being slightly disoriented as you step out of a good book - it's so true. And feeling somewhat sad and disappointed when the book ends - and with it the characters that kept you such good company for a little while... I miss that feeling - I haven't had it in some time.

    Perhaps I need to stop by the library just by myself... and do it soon. Thank you, as always, for the recommendations.


  3. I've read neither, but am tempted. The disorientation is so real during and after a good book - reality recedes and other worlds whip about you most beguilingly. It's the best altered state of consciousness there is.

  4. I often read 2 books in a day. if I'm home, with a cold for example, I will read 3 or more.

    It's my great escape.

    Yesterday i was out of books and though it was pouring rain and we were laden with groceries and ready for lunch I had to stop at the library.

    Books are my drugs. I had to score. So I accept and expect the state of altered conscious that accompanies them.

    Now I'll have to check out your reads.

  5. i remember reading vendela vida's other novel in one sitting. i've also enjoyed the summer book. what's next on your list?

  6. Great description of that feeling you get when you're all finished with a book, let alone two! It's like you're stepping into a whole new reality. I'm glad you had such a relaxing day.

  7. Two books at the end pages is awesome. Cheers to you!

  8. Annie, I wanted to linger with book one and kind of wanted to escape book two. Book two was good, but so intense.

    Char, Enjoy!

    Maria, Oh, yes yes. You should definitely spend some Maria time browsing the stacks at your local library. Let me know if you begin something good.

    Mise, I agree, reading a good book is the best altered state of consciousness. If you do give in to temptation, read about these books first. They are incredibly different. Liking one will not mean you will like the other.

    Oops--must run. I'll return to the rest of your comments soon.

  9. Dear Denise,

    That sounds like a good day, two stories included, I hope you still dreamt one story more at night.

    Thank you for visiting my small weather diary.

  10. I used to go the movies and watch 3-4 films in a row...what a stampede and what great fun. Must be a similar feeling: wonderful enrichment!

    P.s. I am back. Posted your recipe request :)

  11. I LOVE when I finish a book in a day, that's a "perfect afternoon" for me,

  12. I always dread the last pages of the book I'm reading.
    Like you said, it means to let go of the places and the characters you feel so familiar with..
    Great post!

  13. Anna Emilia, The dreams I recall always seem to be haunting. I hope I'm having good dreams too, and just forgetting them.

    Amelia, That sounds both appealing and a little overwhelming. I might have to give it a try.

    Chelsea, When I'm gripped by a book and read quickly I always wonder how the author would view it. Would they be happy that I was so captivated or sad that my time with all of their hard work was too brief.

    bugheart, I enjoyed it. I was quite smitten by the beautiful and honest relationship between the grandmother and granddaughter.

    vacantbench, Yes, I know... Thank you.

  14. hiven, Thank you.

    flwrjane, You read like my husband.

    shari, First Snow on Fuji by Yasunari Kawabata.

    Nicolette, Thanks.

    velva, Thank you.

  15. As usual, your words here are perfect. You expressed in a way I couldn't how 'disorienting' it is to finish a good book. So much so that I never immediately pick up another book. I savor and remember each little detail until I feel 'ready' to delve into a new world with new characters. Sometimes this may be a day, sometimes this may be a week.

    Thanks for the recommendations...I'm intriqued by your descriptions and will check them out.

  16. Rachel, I understand your waiting period. I believe I subtracted something from the first book by starting the second so quickly.

  17. I'm so excited to try your recommendations. It's been a long time since I've felt that way about a book. Actually since I've read a book at all (sadly). After reading a few misses coupled with lack of time, I haven't picked up a book in ages. How I miss it, thank you.

  18. Allison, These books are so different. You'll have to decide if you are in the mood for a mellow journey (The Summer Book) or a whirlwind adventure (The Lovers). Enjoy.