Wednesday, August 18, 2010


last slice of bread, 2010

The morning tastes of preserved blackberries and peanuts melting on toast. The thickness cut by the chill and harsh bubbles in my frosted glass. No coffee. My vegetables and plans crowd the table around my plate. Anaheims, Early Girls, avocado, my notebook and pencil. I look up through the slats to an opening in the dull grey, a patch of hopeful blue. It shrinks all too quickly and then disappears. The window breeze raises tiny bumps on the skin of my left arm. I'm too close. My feet, both of them, are cold. I shrug my shoulders near to my ears, a tense comfort, a reflex. This is August.


  1. Lovely.

    Our August isn't there yet, this sounds more like our September mornings.

  2. First, that toast makes me enormously hungry, even though I just ate lunch. In my climate, this is probably more like October. Sounds incredibly cozy and introspective. How delicious.

  3. hi d.

    we're sliding into autumn for sure. your toast sounds so good.

  4. being so far south, i pine for the autumn. but i can see where it would be too early for you. xox

    enjoy the morning light.

  5. You have such a beautiful way of expressing your frustration with this bizarre weather. Though I feel your pain with the grey skies, I'm envious of your early girls... mine are just starting to get some golden color to them, most are still green! Come on summer! I'm rooting for you!

  6. So very true. I feel as those bits of Autumn creep around in the air during mornings and then the afternoon reminds me that it's still summer, but just barely...

  7. I like how you describe your plans as being crowded about the table as you feast.

  8. Beautiful depiction...brr. feels like fall.

  9. august in the bay area :)

    now i want some peanut butter and jelly.... happy day to you!

  10. Don't you just love mornings.... something so wonderful about sitting with your legs under you, eating an amazing piece of toast and preserve and bliss of all bliss - reading a lovely magazine or book. Sigh! That is my version of heaven.

  11. August. Sigh...
    I've just stumbled upon your blog today. Would like to come here often, will be following you on Bloglovin'!

  12. 'tis summer in SF... I feel the chill here too, brrr. A lot of underclothes and socks this summer :^)

  13. Love that picture - I am craving peanut butter toast now.

    In the 80's here today; our autumn will arrive in early October.

    xo Erin

  14. You had me at 'preserved blackberries'...or maybe just at that lovely photograph...

  15. Perhaps by October here. I'll abstain from sighing too loudly.


  16. I've become a real lover of morning quiet. The sound of the toaster oven ticking, the coffee dripping. I'm looking forward to the chill that comes with end of summer.

  17. sigh. Looks like we've got it all backwards. I read this, and then another blogger's tribute to the end of summer and the start of firing up the wood stove every morning.

    Us? We got 100 degrees at the end of August, after that summer of fog.

    Why no coffee?

  18. kate, We have months of summer just like the morning described in this post and then suddenly it is 80some degrees. No jacket today or yesterday. I'm kind of in shock.

    Stacy, I don't know if any other part of our country has summers like San Francisco. Luckily, today we prance about in heat and sun.

    hi shari, we're now sliding into summer. we've got a crazy way of viewing the seasons over here.

    Char, I do love the morning light, grey skies or blue.

    Nicolette, Rest assured, I did not grow those Early Girls. They were from the market, but they were still excellent. You are lucky to select your own from your very own vines. They will be worth the wait.

    alexandria, We are having a bit of summer here, finally, before we enter autumn. It's a nice change of pace, but I do feel strange with my camera. The light feels so harsh. I'm like a bear leaving hibernation. I'm just not used to bright sun.

    gracia, I felt that they were. My ideas, some in my notebook, some floating around the table space, some wrapped around the vegetables.

    Camilla, And now it is summer. Craziness...

    lisa, I guess we are going to see at least a few summer days this August. I hope you are enjoying them so far.

    Raina, Yes, I do love mornings. I just don't like waking up. It's a bit of a challenge balancing those two traits.

    vacantbench, Your username is so intriguing, vacantbench. Hmmm. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit here.

    Magda, Why thank you.

    --Okay, yoga calls...more later.--

  19. It's already cold for you? wow. Still hot here. I am actually kind of looking forward to cooler days, somehow they set in my "new year" (always starts in September for me...) routine.

  20. Hi Denise, This morning was the first where the temperature dipped into the sixties, wonderful cool, it felt like a revelation. I forget how I enjoy the transition into fall---little stints of cool in the morning, changing slant of light in the afternoon.

    nice to have your vegetables and your plans side by side.

  21. Janis, I wonder how many days of summer we will have... It was quite warm, nice warm, during my morning walk today.

    Erin, Thanks. I might have to make another piece of that toast today.

    Indie.Tea, : )

    Maria, And suddenly it has all changed. We have been experiencing summer over the past few days. Who knows what's next...

    Tracy, Morning quiet is a beautiful thing.

    Christina, Thanks.

    mosey, About the coffee. I usually go out for my cappuccino. I just hadn't gone out yet. Toast with peanut butter and preserves requires some sort of beverage, so I opted for cool sparkling water. A cup of tea probably would have been a better fit.

    Amelia, It was cold and now it is hot. Craziness... September is my favorite month. It is the month we got married, the month we started school when I was a young girl. I've always felt September is full of new beginnings.

    Marion, Thank you.

    nancy, Just when everyone else is feeling a bit of cool, we've transitioned into summer. I suppose such shifts keep life interesting.

  22. Perfect...picture, words, activities.