Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, by myself.

Coconut Bread w/ Slivered Almonds + Chocolate Chunks, February 2010

It was a beautiful, slow moving, and contemplative day. The type of day where you find yourself noticing the objects on your kitchen counter and recalling the origin of each piece.

I'd happened upon this recipe three times. It could wait no longer.

Preparation is truly stress free. From corralling the ingredients to folding in the melted butter, it was a complete pleasure.

Try it, on a day when you are far from hurried. Add slivered almonds and chunks of chocolate.

Eat your first slice while it is still warm. Preferably while you are alone, and gazing out a window.

Share the rest.

Kitchen Counter Objects, February 2010

Saturday, by myself. February 2010

Cucina Nicolina
Seven Spoons
The Wednesday Chef


  1. What a perfect post with such perfect words, the way you just brought me to your kitchen with you.

    Share the rest. Love.

  2. I've been meaning to make this. Thanks for bringing it back to me.

  3. This sounds like a really good day. I love reading about days like that because somehow it creates one for me too :)

  4. It looks delicious. Your words? They're always delicious. And your day? I can't think of a better way to spend a day by myself.


  5. i love bill granger's cookbooks. they take me to a happy place, seriously. i haven't tried this recipe though - sounds like it's a must!

    i also like that lawrence ferlinghetti bit! :)

  6. this looks so amazingly yummy.
    : )

  7. I had that sort of day today--home alone, enjoying a day off, doing simple things around the house. A little sunshine made it extra special.

  8. I am in love with the way you wrote this. Baking is the best when you have lots of time, isn't it :)

  9. ...a slow day, that sounds delicious.
    I would love to have one of those.

  10. the granger recipe is grand---love the addition of the slivered almonds, chocolate too!
    it is always valuable to take time to simply observe and remember, and of course, bake.

  11. Yumm looks very good. :) Cute blog!

    Xoxo- Emily

  12. I love days like that!! And the bread sounds delicious!!

  13. This loaf is a beauty...I like the calmness you bring.

  14. I love those slow moving days and the sense that time stretches out interminably before you. The start of holiday weekends always feel like that to me and then sadly they're over before I know it.

    Sounds like your weekend was a peaceful one. Glad you could steal some quiet moments for yourself.

  15. yum --almost too pretty to eat! think i need to put that cookbook on my list! so good to have some time alone...glad you enjoyed yours.

  16. Ahh lovely words and images as usual. I will save this recipe and your advice for saturday, when the only thing written into my planner is: relax
    Thank you.

  17. oh... i loved the "eat your first slice warm... while gazing out the window"! LOVE that!
    maybe cause i am a big gazer... lost in thought....
    nice to know others gaze as well. :)

  18. Pen.ny, Thank you. I like it when that happens.

    Tracy, It was nice. I really liked the almond and chocolate additions. That being said, I haven't tried following the original recipe. When it comes to recipes, I'm like Bartleby.

    Sarah, I hope you enjoyed your real day today as well as any overlaid created days.

    Abigail, When you have some extra time...

    Maria, You are so good to me. xx

    Lisa, Yes, it's pretty tasty and the making is just as fun as the eating.

    Ann, I'd never heard of Bill Granger before seeing this recipe. I looked him up and I like his philosophy. I'm looking forward to perusing some of his books. That Ferlinghetti bit came as a postcard tucked in with our brunch check at Rose's Cafe a few years ago. I loved it and saved it.

    Christina, I think you'd enjoy the baking and the eating + it will make your home smell wonderful.

    Jessica, You do strike me as a peaceful, enjoy-the-moment, be-present sort of person. Nice light makes everything better. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Elizabeth, Thank you. Extra time is nice, but rest assured, this was a very simple bread. It didn't take long at all to prepare.

    Camilla, If not a whole day, maybe you can find a slow little piece of a day for yourself. I know, easier said than done.

    Nancy, I agree with everything you said.

    Emily Anne, Thank you.

    Ida, It was an enjoyable day. The bread is fairly simple. Give it a go.

    Alexandria, Calm is often the objective. Thank you for noticing.

    Joanna, I know what you mean. It's so beautiful and peaceful and then's gone. I find that writing it down allows you to revisit and hold on to it longer.

    Melissa, Not too pretty to eat. No no. I need to see the rest of the book too. He seems like an interesting guy.

    Tumbleweed Woman, It will be a good Saturday. Enjoy.

    Leslie, Oh yes, I gaze. I love to gaze. Being lost in thought is the norm, for me. By the way, I really love the kusha kusha habu scarf you have on your needles. I might have to follow your lead.

  19. Mmmm...sounds delicious. Next time I'll come over :-)

    ...when is next time?

  20. this reads like poetry. thanks for the links. hope you are enjoying your weekend:) besos-jane

  21. Anne Marie, Deal!

    Samantha, Oh, it was.

    Jane, Why, thank you.

    Anna, It was tasty.

    Haddock, It was very good, especially with the chocolate and almonds.

  22. so very beautiful.
    thank you for your thoughtful blog!

  23. Denise, I have been going cuckoo looking for this coconut bread recipe. I remember seeing it and thinking, god I have to make that it looks so good, or words along those lines, words I think so often--but this time I REALLY meant it. But then I lost it, and I usually don't do that, and now lucky me, I've found it. Thanks to you. Thank you!

  24. Julia, Excellent! I hope you enjoy making this bread as much as I did.