Friday, February 5, 2010

In and around Seattle

Complete! February 4, 2010

from Capitol Hill to the downtown Seattle area every morning.

panettone (toasted lightly on the panini press) from Stella Caffe, balsamic strawberry ice cream from Molly Moon's, salt cod hash from Coastal Kitchen, demi-poulet froid mayonnaise from Café Presse.

to Bainbridge Island in the rain.

a Mac n Jacks African Amber in The Harbour Public House. What a view!

to Elizabeth Gilbert's voice.

and completing a two-yarn scarf (silk, mohair, merino, cashmere + tiny glass beads) and beginning an organic cotton washcloth.

the early evening blue framed by the bedroom window.


  1. Nice post, Denise!
    Sadly, I've never tried Panettone - I always see it at Whole Foods - must try it next time.

    Have you watched the talk Elizabeth Gilbert gave at the TED conference on creative genius? Liked it a lot.

  2. Ann-
    This was my first taste of panettone.
    I'm not sure why I waited so long. I loved her TED talk! It just might be my favorite. I return to it often, when I feel the need to put things in perspective.

  3. Hi Denise
    Thank you for the post on my blog. The Extra Curricular magazine is really good. I had a bit of a laugh as I read your second comment first - that I should forget your question as it had been answered. I was a bit confused and then I read the first comment and it made sense :)
    I like this scarf you have knitted too it is a lovely colour.
    I have also seen the Elizabeth Gilbert talk and thought it was really good.

  4. i like these posts - a lot - but then again, i'm a fan of lists. and of the simple everyday life. and i'm always curious what my blog friends are far away. and wonder if they are having a good day too.

  5. Really nice post - and I love your scarf! It's a really cool pattern!

  6. i love that you take the ferry. envious.
    LOVE the scarf.... really really lovely.
    enjoy your weekend!

  7. Oh! I wish I was there!! It sounds delightful :)

  8. What a lovely day! And the texture of your scarf is beautiful. I like how you knit scarves of character.

  9. I like that ferry ride to Bainbridge. ... Your scarf is stunning. What an absolutely perfect color.

  10. I love that you pause to revel in the everyday things: food, sights, touch, listening to someone speak...

    Your scarf is beautiful. Your words and photographs: beautiful, too. Im so glad to know you a little bit 'better every time I visit, dear.

    I'm glad you had a good time in Seattle.'


  11. I heard Elizabeth G's talk on TED before I read her book. I was quite inspired by her talk; but not so much by the book. The whole experience was very strange for me. Wondering if you read Eat Pray Love and what your thoughts were?

  12. I am sad I missed you, but yes definitely next time let's get together! It looks like you hit some great spots and your scarf is beautiful.

  13. What a wonderful day you have there! I want to jump right in!

  14. makes me long for a trip to seattle. i've only been there once, oh, like 15 years ago! i loved it though.

  15. That sounds like such a wonderful day...knitting, the ferry to Bainbridge they still have the yarn shop called the Church mouse?
    Lovely words...makes me imagine.

  16. I love your scarf! It looks a touch more advanced than mine;) What kind of a "stitch" is that?
    Sounds like you had a perfect day.

  17. Jacqui, Thank you. I almost mixed the brown yarn w/ tiny glass beads with a thick cream colored yarn, but Chris (my husband) suggested orange, so I decided to give orange a try. I'm happy with the resulting color combination + the scarf is soft, heavy, and warm.

    Char, It seems we have some things in common. I hope you are having a good day today.

    Erin, Thanks! I used Double Seed Stitch, sometimes called Double Moss Stitch. Box stitch produces the same pattern, but is worked a bit differently. It was my first project with this stitch. I liked the rhythm of it. I'll definitely use it again.

    Leslie, Thank you. I love riding the ferry. Luckily, transport by ferry isn't something I only do on holiday in Seattle. I take the ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito often. Such a great way to start a day, gliding quietly across the bay...

    Rebekah, It was such a lovely few days. I'm looking forward to returning and doing many of these things again.

    Mise, Scarves of character...what a fine compliment. Thank you! Love that one.

    Jessica, It was a pretty ride. I was surprised by the size of the ferry, so large! I haven't seen a ferry that large since we honeymooned in Italy. I was hesitant about using the color orange for my scarf, but Chris was so sure I should go with it, so I pushed out of my comfort zone and found an orange that worked for me. It is quite a cozy scarf.

    Maria, Thank you for pausing and noticing what I notice. I hope you are out noticing the beauty of Greenville right now. You are so kind, such a good soul.

    RW, I have not "read" any of Elizabeth Gilbert's work, but I have "listened" (audio books) to Eat Pray Love and Committed. I find her voice soothing and I have enjoyed listening to her read both of these books.

    Alexandria, Okay, next time it is! It will be fun to meet the person behind such great photographs and book suggestions.

    Sarah, It was a fun few days! Seattle and Bainbridge Island have a lot to offer.

    Jill, There are certainly some treasures in and around Seattle. It's a nice area to explore.

    Camilla, It was a fun few days. Yes! Churchmouse Yarns & Teas is alive and well. I did not know about it ahead of time which made stumbling upon it by accident an extra special treat. It's such a great shop--wonderful yarn selection, cozy space, nice staff, and they had a few of my favorite project bags in stock.

    Janis, It was a very nice few days in the Seattle area. See my note to Erin above for stitch description. If you'd like to poke around and explore some new stitches, there is a fabulous library of knitting stitches here: Enjoy!

  18. Elizabeth Gilbert...isn't she lovely?

    And so is your scarf!

  19. Christina, Thank you.

    Elizabeth, I do find her voice soothing. Thank you for your scarf compliment. I really enjoy the stitch. I'm using it again on a current project.