Friday, January 15, 2010


January, 2010

The construction and traffic that's so much louder when I turn off the radiator. I think I'll turn the radiator back on...

The salted caramel pot de creme at Serpentine. I believe it is the best dessert I have ever tasted.

Citrus. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. I've been craving grapefruit, but today is not a market day, so I just stopped at a corner market and bought what they had. Texas Rio Star grapefruit. Unfortunately, not local...but they smelled so good as I was squeezing the juice.

A Man in North Beach. His name is Roy. He has some "issues" and often wanders the streets and pops in and out of cafes and shops shouting out his disgruntled thoughts. Sometimes it seems we have to conjure up all of our patience just to tolerate him. Today I saw him seated outside Victoria Pastry with a man who had the nicest way about him. They were having a real conversation and Roy was laughing. It brought a tear to my eye.

The new yarn I bought to make my friend, Joen, a scarf. I want to knit a huge blanket with this yarn and sleep beneath it every night. Dreamy, but I've never attempted a knitting project so large. Maybe I'll just knit Joen's scarf and dream about the blanket.

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  1. how wonderful! maybe i will join in tomorrow. i so want to be tasting what you are tasting!

  2. I came to visit.
    I will definitely return.

  3. I'm with Tracy, the seeing part was quite touching. Always good stories from you.

  4. i enjoyed grapefruit this week, too! happy weekend!

  5. you are making me want grapefruit juice ! :D
    happy weekend

  6. Salted caramel pots de creme. One of my most favorite desserts EVER! I've only had it at a restaurant in Santa Monica, and then I came directly back home to make it myself.

  7. Oh... You almost brought a tear to my eye, too. Roy.

    I always love to visit here.


  8. beautiful thoughts - you should knit the blanket - it would be the perfect for your dreams

  9. Christina, I'm sure you are tasting something wonderful too. I'm always tempted by something fabulous when I visit Soul Aperture.

    Tracy, It was that sort of moment, but my tears were happy. It was so great to see Roy laughing.

    RW, Great! Welcome.

    Alexandria, I was touched too. I'm still thinking about the man who was sitting beside Roy. Who was he and what sort of beautiful and magical powers did he possess?

    Erin, I'd love to have some more grapefruit right about now. I'm on a citrus kick.

    Lisa, It was so good. Today it is blood orange juice.

    Rebekka, Oh, please tell me the recipe is on your blog.

    Maria, It was a good morning, one that brings hope. It did seem like a little miracle. Thanks for visiting.

  10. You beautifully described Roy and the nice man's encounter. I have had the most thoughtful conversations with those labeled with "issues," always wishing that the people who say such things realize that they might have an issue.

    I would have been moved with you.