Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 Simple Things

Chris + Salad* at Serpentine, 2010  
*Those beets are pickled and they are marvelously good!

I.    A  NOTE
Returning from a long weekend away and finding the following email in my inbox. 

Subject: my little fruit salad

hi dene,

i just thought of you as i sliced and diced one bosc pear, one gala apple, one banana, and squeezed an entire cara cara orange over the top... plain, simple, and delicious, and enough for two days for me, or one serving each for you and chris.

love you :)

II.    A  CALL
Just recently, my father was quite determined to find a poem he recalled from his childhood.  He called me to see if I could help him figure it out.  I was pretty quick, but Dad found it first.  

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
by Robert Frost 

Tie between a long luxurious lunch with Chris (pictured above) and his reading an entire Annie Dillard book to me one day during a long weekend spent in Pescadero.   

Getting carded at Duarte's after ordering a Sierra Nevada almost made III. a 3-way tie, but I decided against it.

Share your 3?  

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  1. Hello, Danisse. I am stopping by in the wake of Christian's love. Your list is beautiful. It speaks volumes of the love you have with your family, and there is nothing better than that!

  2. Beautiful post, as always. Love your 3 (well, 4 - no, almost 5!) simple things, dear.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful long weekend away... it sounds dreamy.


  3. reese's peanut butter cup + coffee + sun on my shoulder as i sip

  4. beautiful list. all of them are equally welcome.

    one love.

  5. 1. A continuation of The Blue Door written in long hand
    2. Finished 'The Kids Are All Right'
    3. Today is my 37th birthday

  6. You went for the top 3 that pleased you most..involving I see the 3 people in your life I expect mean the most to you. Can't get much better than that!

  7. I love your #1. Now I feel like having a beet salad for dinner. For me: my husband bringing me coffee in bed this morning (he never does this); having lunch with a good friend today; and finishing a novel on the commute home.

  8. Love this post - and I love lingering over lunch with the Sunday paper, fresh coffee, oh - and my husband! :D

  9. Oh my word. Having a whole book read aloud to you?! That is so wonderful.

  10. What a wonderful post! I am thinking my three things right now. It would be fun to reflect these in pictures only for someone like me who loves photography. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  11. That salad looks delicious.My 3 simple things are 1. healthy family. 2. homemade coconut white chocolate cookies 3.Orange county weather!

  12. I love your list and the poem your father thought of. I remember memorizing it...definitely worth the effort.

  13. you are so sweet..and your parents too! great post!

    alright three things

    load of wood on the porch= I don't have to go out in the cold to get more

    orange that i am eating is soo good

    family asleep and off to bed soon (after the orange) feeling blessed for such a day

    goodnight to you :)

  14. I like your simple list of three. It seems that you are a woman who knows how to be still and enjoy. I like that.

  15. Hm, today?

    1. waking up and reading a funny rambling text message from my little sister who just got texting activated on her phone for the first time this week. (she uses up all the space possible to get the best bang for her buck).

    2.listening to an old record of the Sound of Music this morning while getting ready for work.

    3. walking to work while looking at the snow falling around me. really tilting my head and looking up at it in wonderment. it looked like little bits of cotton floating down.

    your three were a joy to read.

  16. Iasa, It was yum!

    Cyndy, Thank you. Yes, my family is very important to me. It helps that they are interesting and entertaining as well.

    Maria, Thank you. I know, I did get a little carried away. Calling the post "3 Simple Things" was a bit of a stretch. That's a good problem, right?

    Char, I think it's been too long since I bit into a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I should work on that. I did get to feel a little sun on my shoulders today and that was very nice.

    SE'LAH, Thank you.

    Tracy, Good to know you are continuing with your new writing blog. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a fun day. Time for me to do a little catch up on my blog and Google Reader. I'm so backed up I've been hiding from it all, like an ostrich. Did you like The Kids Are All right?

    Sherry, Yes, those three are pretty special. I'm lucky.

    Roysie, That was a very tasty beet salad. Most beet salads I've eaten have included roasted beets, so these pickled beets were extra special. Coffee served to you in bed--what a treat! I always feel a little confused when I finish a novel. I'll be happy that I've completed something (I like completion), but sad to see the characters go.

    biz319, Thank you. Sunday paper + fresh coffee + husband -- what's not to like!

    Stephanie, It was so wonderful.

    Raina, Thank you. I'd love to see your three in photographs. I'm a big fan of both, words and images.

    Kathleen, The salad was delicious. Nice list. Family is always key and I am due for a little coconut.

    Alexandria, Thank you. Oh, you have the poem memorized. Very impressive.

    Sarah, Thank you. Good job with the wood. Too much cold isn't fun for anyone. I am hooked on citrus of all kinds lately! It's good that you appreciate those good days and don't let them just pass on by.

    Relyn, Thank you. What a kind comment.

    Ann, Thank you. Hearing from my sister is always nice--email, chat, or phone call, but she's never sent me a text message. I love The Sound of Music, especially My Favorite Things. Walking and watching snow fall, both favorite things of mine.

  17. Love your simple things.


    1. Roasted turnips
    2. Celery root + leek + mushroom soup
    3. "Sense and Sensibility" via the BBC

  18. Nicole, I'd like to incorporate your lovely list into my life. Fabulous vegetables and a little Jane Austen, just wonderful!