Thursday, January 14, 2010

Butterfly Catcher

I'm either very calm or very antsy.  Today I'm feeling antsy.  I am ready to move on.  I'd like to fast forward to spring, please.  The sun is shining in a way that feels more like spring than winter and my mind is drifting in the direction of spring green rolling hills and long lines of cotyledons dancing on mounded-up rows of dark damp soil.  Why not take an even longer leap straight to summer...and beaches, Sicilian beaches, and granitas.  Oh yes...

Okay, I must stop.  I have dishes to do, laundry to wash, and a trip to the library that is due.  But it was nice to wander for a while.

I was recently told to ...stop posting pictures of all the beautiful scarves that you're knitting and keeping for yourself!  You're such a tease!  So this one is for you.  I just added it to my Etsy shop.  All set.

This scarf is very light weight (it reminds me of a butterfly catching net) and I see it as much more of an accessory than a keep-me-warm scarf.  Warm and cuddly is nice, but I needed a change of pace.  I photographed it with a simple white t-shirt and as you can see, they make a great pair.

It could be worn as a spring scarf, or perhaps a summer accessory.  You could even wear it during the winter, beneath your winter coat and keep-me-warm scarf.  Why not?  Think of it as a way to brighten things up on a dull grey winter day.

So, as promised, this one's for you...but I think I'm going to return to the yarn shop this afternoon and see if they have another skein of this yarn because I want one for myself too.  I hope you don't mind.


  1. Wow! How beautiful. Some lucky person will be very lucky to get to wear it.

    (In answer to your question: yes! I just heard about cinnamon on oranges--I'll have to try this very soon.)

  2. Beautiful scarf.
    As much as I try to seize the day I just can't, I am wishing them away. Rome is so grey and damp and cold I can't imagine hot, sticky days.
    Oh Sicily, me too, but probably in September, will you go to Palermo ? Almond granita with warm brioche every morning.

  3. Oh what perfect colours. It reminds me so much of the fishermen's nets that get left lying round here under the sun to dry.

  4. what a beautiful addition to your shop! fantastic work

  5. That splash of yellow is great. Nice work!

  6. I finally got a new grey wool pea coat for winter. I'm knitting a scarf to go along with it. The yarn is a weave of white and peppermint green.

    I love the colors in your scarf. Vibrant.

  7. oh yes. it remember me sun and sky and sea! so nice. so springtime.

  8. Your scarves brighten up wintertime. Beautiful!

  9. Thao, Thank you. Enjoy your cinnamon & citrus.

    Rachel, Thank you. Don't feel bad. Soon after the perfect light left my window my joy began to dwindle. It was fun while it lasted. I'm not sure if we'll visit Palermo, it might just be the islands. Almond granita with warm brioche (and warm weather) would be so wonderful right now.

    Mise, I think you have it, this scarf does look like a fisherman's net. Maybe you'll post a photograph of a few of those stray nets one day. I'd love to see them.

    Char, Thank you so much.

    Jessica, Thank you. I really love the yellow too.

    Tracy, Thank you. Your scarf is going to be so perfect with your new coat. Grey wool + white and peppermint green--beautiful. Send me a photo!

    The T Time, Thank you. I love your sun, sky, and sea comparison.

    Alexandria, What a kind comment! Thank you.

  10. my mind drifts to spring too when the sun shines like it does!

    your butterfly catcher scarf is so pretty. i bet it was fun to make. i love the name you picked. someone will be very lucky!

    Sarah (beehousehives)

  11. Sarah, I'll need to think back to that nice sun over the next few days. We are expecting rain. Ho hum... Thank you for your kind comment.

  12. (Hee, hee..!)

    Butterfly Catcher is a great name for the scarf, indeed.