Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too predictable?

Book Bay Find, 2012

My husband has been out of town and I've found myself with much quiet time to think and explore. Rather than embarking on an array of new adventures, I've comfortably slipped back into my former single-girl ways and have been treating myself to simple pleasures. I've also been keeping very strange hours. I've seen 2 AM more than once during this past week. Oh, well, all will be back to normal soon enough. Why not embrace the quiet and the strange.

I'm reading Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales. I had no idea he'd written these stories before he was certain he'd become a filmmaker. The book of short stories came with my Criterion Collection box set (Thank you, Christopher). Rohmer explains in the preface that his stories became films because he did not succeed in writing them. I wholeheartedly disagree. I'm in the middle of reading his third moral tale and feel smitten with all I've read thus far.

I've also added a book to my collection (see above). Yes, I admit without apology that I was drawn to this book by its fabulous 1961 cover, but I bought it due to Celia Dale's Broadsheet description. A little used bookstore browsing and buying is always fun, but especially so when the bookstore is just beside a beautiful bay view.

I'm slowly working my way through a new-to-me chocolate bar from Belgium, a departure for me because it is milk chocolate (with speculoos) and I am always partial to dark. It's nice, but very sweet. I'm pretty sure I'll be returning to dark the next time I'm in the mood for chocolate, but if you like sweet milk chocolate this could be for you.

Two new candles in little gold tins are scenting my apartment, one lavender and one vanilla.

And I've brought home a skein of Italian cashmere/silk/merino yarn, in the most beautiful red (#45). I'm knitting a simple cowl.

One last item... I made Pasta all'Amatriciana last night, River Cafe style. Yum.

Too predictable? Perhaps, but I don't mind.

How do you treat yourself? What are your simple pleasures?

Six Moral Tales
Book Bay
Lynne Reid Banks
Dolfin's Milk Chocolate with Speculoos Bar
Seda France's Travel Tin Candles
Filatura Di Crosa's Superior in #45 Lipstick Red
Superior Cowl
Pasta all'Amatriciana


  1. belgian chocolate from wauthier-braine. this is a first for me, it is interesting i should learn from its existence from across the oceans...
    i like how you have described your contentment.

  2. i treat myself with coffee, a book, a long walk and perhaps a movie matinee? enjoy your treats.

  3. n, Next you'll be telling me about a cheese made in Northern California...

    shari, All things I love. Enjoy T's cooking, and I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Your simple pleasures sound like ones I am enjoying: cups of tea, delicacy of a macaron, reading The Sense of an Ending, and finally seeing Truffaut's The Last Metro...

    Enjoy your solitude.

  5. cha sen, Yes, they do. Tea, macarons, good novels and films...yes yes.

  6. The L shaped room is/was a favorite film of mine. Striking to be reminded of it.

  7. Your quiet time sounds blissful. A few of my simple pleasures are a new magazine or two, glass of wine in the bath, rummaging through piles of vintage fabrics, excellent coffee somewhere I can people watch. A day that includes all of those things is a good day!

  8. I love that you are treating yourself to simple pleasures. John doesn't go away often, but when I find myself alone I enjoy a perfectly grilled cheese sandwich. I get back into bed with a good book, or I indulge my love of French films or the latest episodes of Downton Abbey. The latter two activities often are accompanied by a bowl of popcorn and a glass of buttery chardonnay--perfect together.

  9. I go exploring and find a simple walk somewhere...get take-out...snuggle in and work on an art project, quietly.

    I like your version too, perfectly cozy...

  10. like you, a pile a stack of books too when I am alone... and magazine... and newspaper.

  11. treats: a magazine for certain. a day without driving. chocolate also works. I too, am in a dark phase. with a strong clear americano on the side.

  12. Reading in the bath. Coffee with a friend. Once in a blue moon, a matinee.

    Enjoy your week!

  13. All things I adore, almost all, I have yet to try Michele's popcorn and chardonnay. Nice idea.

  14. A lovely array of pleasures. And I'm partial to milk, so thanks for the tip.

  15. Change is fun, good. when Bill is gone, I keep odder hours too, piddling on puzzles, creating a big nest in the bed where I'll pile up books and magazines, sip tea, eat a big bowl of pasta with just olive oil, chippy salt and cheese.

    recently devoured books:
    A Visit from the Goon Squad
    Let the Great World Spin

  16. I buy myself cacti

    and special things that catch my eye at the thrift store

    and try a new nail color

    and come home from a library with a stack of books for luxuriating in

    and I eat some chocolate every day


  17. it all sounds perfect. but I bet knitting with that cashmere will be an amazing experience!

    my simple pleasures? knitting in front of a silly romantic comedy...being drawn into a really good chocolate...a midnight walk in the bitter cold of clear skies...a simple bowl of pasta with butter and parmesan...or a slice of fresh-baked bread...sleeping in...