Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what her world might have felt like

just before the new year, 2011

Lecia has me thinking. I'm not surprised. She does this often. Her post took me back to the day I was born, the day my mother became a mother. Of course, I don't remember a thing, but this song gives me an idea of what her world might have felt like, back then.

To Sir With Love by Lulu


  1. January 27, 1973 – Superstition by Stevie Wonder. How disappointing.

  2. Oh, Tracy, sorry you are disappointed. I'm kind of loving my song.

  3. you got me spinnin'...
    wouldn't it have been ...
    'Go Away Little Girl' by Steve Lawrence...

    yikes, for that title!
    now i'm depressed....
    and i'll just hope belgium had a very different n° 1, hey??!!

    ha ha ha....

  4. n, Oops. This isn't going very well so far...

  5. Cherish by the Association is the official one but it's Monday, Monday by the Mamas and Papas that I know most reminds my mother of being pregnant. I love that song, and it's poignant to think of her thinking of me and what her life would become.

  6. Rock n me- Steve miller...

  7. Thank you, Denise. I have said the same thing about you, on more than one occasion.

    I love this exercise.

  8. Oh my god, do you love it too? I do not collect or own many dvd's but this one I have. Isn't it amazing... Everything about this film, all the fashion, music, dancing, story, actors, time and place ... I have sent this exact video clip to friends. Gives me chills.

  9. Oh well, my birth year is not even on the calculator. Better to leave well enough alone. HaHa

  10. The Ballad of the Green Berets? ("Fighting soldiers from the sky. Fearless men who jump and die.") It was March of 1966 and there was a strange spring heatwave, and the war still going on.

  11. Jackson 5's "I'll Be There." That was fun, Denise and Lecia. Thanks!

  12. wow, serendipity---this is the 3rd time in 30 minutes that I've encountered the Number One Song on Your Birthday thing--1st from a Nashville friend, then a friend in Holland on FaceBook,and now here! I remember To Sir, With Love---both song and movie w/ Sidney Poitier--very forward for its time.
    My birthday number one is a song I have never heard of, but I like the title, "Little Things Mean Alot"

    Happy New Year, Denise!

  13. I love your song, it is very sentimental and sweet.

    Mine? Not saying.

    My GF's? I Love a Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbit.


    You're right that was fun.

    Happy New Year.

    xo jane

  14. i loved finding mine: Neil Young's "Heart of Gold"... i wanna live, i wanna give...keep me searching for a heart of gold.
    Denise, btw, happy new year (I just returned from Italia, its bittersweet to be back to the routine)

  15. The Morning After - Maureen McGovern

    Ha -- this is totally cracking me up considering I was apparently a 48 hour labor, dry birth kind of thing (and thus began the rocky relationship I had with my mother until about the time I turned 30!).

    The first line is more than appropriate...

    Thanks for taking me there...

  16. have to see the movie now. it puts it all into context. it's one of my favorites of all time.

  17. ooh that's so good - I've been meaning to do this since seeing Leica's post. Mine is I'll be there by The Jackson 5 :) Funny how music can take you back to a certain time and place....I wonder how my mum felt back then?

  18. Wonderful song and movie with the song in it. This song is one I know well and have always thought it so beautiful. Thanks.

  19. I watched the film. Fabulous. Sidney Poitier was so good. I loved the way he carried himself, and his character liked oranges.

    I'm happy to see some of you had fun with this. It didn't start out so well...