Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Blue, 2011

I wonder if there is any way I can exchange an afternoon of work for an afternoon in my pajamas, with my favorite person, playing cards, watching Reality Bites and then Singles, and eating caramel corn. Or fly back to Paris.

the Reality Bites mood


  1. When you figure out a way will you let me know?

    I'm not very good at just sitting still these days.

    xo Jane

  2. Oh Reality Bites! I was so in love with Ethan Hawke ;-) Hope you'll find a way!

  3. Yes, let me know, too! So funny...I have an 'A Lot Like Love'(this is, just so you know, not an Oscar winner) and Kettle Corn mood. Good stuff.

  4. I simply love both those movies and had somehow forgotten about them. They bring back good memories and I have to see them again soon. Your idea is cool and I think you could get rich (and have lots of fun) if you could figure a way to make that work.

  5. Ah yes, Reality Bites. I was living in NYC at the time, studying at NYU and had the same (cute!) haircut as Winona....I remember running into Ethan Hawke in a cafe in the village, he's so dreamy in person (and on screen) The good old days....

  6. I am so right with you today! Maybe it's all the darn rain?!

  7. There's always a way to make a PJ day happen. And booking a flight is so easy. I vote for both, but I'll need to stow away in your suitcase.

  8. Reality Bites - So loved the soundtrack. Oh I'm dancing to Sharona in my head right now.

  9. Gorgeous photo; i could sit and gaze out of that window for hours! Definitely in pajamas.

  10. Nonsense, I don't think so especially when it comes to pj's and Paris.

  11. Jane, Definitely.

    Anne, I had a big crush on him too.

    mosey, Thanks. It's not always practical...

    Megan, Haven't seen it. I'll have to try your combo.

    Emily Vanessa, If only...

    WSAKE, : )

    Nicole, Still dreamy in person. Lucky you.

    nicole, I know it is. At least it cleared up this afternoon. Not sure what's in store for tomorrow. I've given up looking at weather forecasts.

    countingdandelions, I did spontaneously fly to Los Angeles once, but not Paris, yet.

    mangocheeks, Yes, I loved the soundtrack too.

    Nancy, It was one of several wonderful views from a great little apartment.

    M., Instead I was responsible. So dull. It's still not off the table.

    Janis, You are correct. I should change the title.

  12. might be a calamitous mood.
    hey ho.

  13. u made me smile.
    i did watch reality bites just this weekend. it's been a while since i watched it the last time. time flies.
    loved ur picture. it reminded me of a sunny day in lisbon a few years ago. i took a smiliar picture there :)