Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Words of Others

I don't worry too much about the pith., 2011

The most common and popular North African dessert is orange slices sprinkled with a little orange-blossom water and cinnamon. Remove all the pith when you peel them, and slice them thickly.
-Claudia Roden

Truth. Sometimes we're tempted to create what we think a smart, popular, or "normal" person would make. But our work is best when we're just being our own peculiar selves.
-Sharon Olds

Omit needless words.
-William Strunk, Jr.


  1. Another perfect collection, Denise, delivered with impeccable timing. And again, there is the bit about doing away with the needless. I always appreciate the reminder. Simple fruit can be so good.

  2. perfection, all three.

    (have just ordered a copy of the artful edit - i am liking your list of books a great deal!)

  3. P.S. Your bedside list has really grown since my last visit. I love Stanley Kunitz! I wish he could have lived forever.

  4. So very wise these quotes. I'm hanging on to these.

    p.s. Thank you for the wonderful poem shared this morning.

  5. Our peculiar selves are so hard to be faithful to, sometimes.

    I love Strunk (and White, of course).

  6. My 1968 copy of The Elements of Style remains on the shelf above my desk. Never has 95 cents been better spent.

  7. Such an amazing collection of quotes and a perfect photo with it. I try to omit needless words, knowing that some people simply write just for the sake of writing and lose track of the message. I'm going to check out what's on your bedside table.

  8. I'm reminded of a poem by Gary Soto I read a few days ago. In his words:

    I peeled my orange
    That was so bright against
    The gray of December
    That from some distance,
    Someone might have thought
    I was making a fire in my hands.

  9. Nice wise words, perfect to start this Friday with!

  10. The Sharon Olds quotes is very true - so many of us are hardwired to conform. You sound a little down, Denise; I hope all is well and that your talent for realizing the significance of small things carries you along.

  11. good reminder -- not normal, stop trying! thanks.

    that appears to be an embossed floral patterned table top in your photo? or something. very pretty.

  12. a little pith brings a little bitter edge...sometimes needed.
    love this connected trio of others' words,
    expressing your peculiar self, straightforward

  13. lovely, denise. i'm so glad i stopped by today.

  14. Do I talk too much? No,seriously?

    I love to ramble, but when I come to visit you I wish I could trim it back a bit.

    At least the appearance of normality is off the table. whew.

    xo jane

  15. i could go for a bowl of those oranges, just about... nów, please? could also be insomnia is getting the better of me. better? no joke.
    still n♥

  16. I'm trying to work on the Strunk quote.
    Thanks for Olds'.

  17. i need to do this before oranges are out of season, so i´m off to get some tomorrow.

  18. Thanks for all of your comments.

    Lucy, I really need to begin The Artful Edit. My pile of books is getting too tall.

    Shae, So true. I need to read more or stop picking up new books.

    Rachael, The poem, I like it. Thank you.

    mise, Thank you for your hopeful note. I go up a little, I go down a little, but I rarely conform.

    Melissa, It is actually a chair, one of a set. My dad and I bought them together at a yard sale one early morning in Chicago.

    Jane, You, talk too much? Never.

  19. Omit needless words.
    -William Strunk, Jr.
    I am so going to use this advice...