Thursday, April 7, 2011

Know Thyself

Hello. How are you doing? Good I hope.

Today is a new day. There is sun and there is wind.

I appreciate your reading my indulgent entry yesterday. Having made my confession, I felt free. I moseyed over to the gym this morning, baked Heidi's cookies (an interesting and unique cookie - highly recommended) this afternoon, and am about to begin Betty's preface.

There is a lesson here.

A little off topic, but I have two heads of escarole and cannot decide what to do with them. Any suggestions? Thank you.

olive biscuit cookies via 101 Cookbooks


  1. Oh, how nice. There you are. Or here, I guess. Me, too.

    I am well. Looking forward to my own spring manifesto of sorts, which is mainly feeling free to live my normal life again. A gift. In a place that suits me.

    And I loved your photograoh that went with the springtime manifesto post...pure inspiration. Thank you.


  2. Hi Maria! I'm glad you are well. I hope your life gets back to normal, even better than normal, very soon. You liked that photograph. Nice. Thank you. It was pretty raw and matched my mood. Take care. xx, Denise

  3. escarole??..make Italian wedding soup..that's what I would do ;)

  4. Hey Denise,

    I've only used escarole in a soup but it was really wonderful. Here's a link to a recipe from the NY Times I like:

    Love your photo as well.

  5. I love Molly's recipe

    A fresh salad for a sunny day. Hmm, I think I'm gonna have the same today. Perhaps.
    Well, now that I think about it, I'm not making any promises. I have leftover pizza in the fridge.

  6. I recognized those cookies from Heidi's blog almost immediately. So cute! Although, I've struggled when I've made her recipes before, only twice though. Maybe I'll reconsider on this one. It was so intriguing! Escarole. Hmm. Beans and Greens. Yummy.

  7. A free form day of small pleasures. I like that. Hope you have many more of those to come.

  8. Those cookies look devilishly good, and I've never been one for a manifesto either. I like the idea of them a great deal but I just can't make one fit.

  9. Thanks for your notes and your ideas. I'll be saving the escarole today, if I'm not too late. I hope this Sunday is a nice one for you. Take care, Denise

  10. these look so good!!!
    eggs for you on my blog:)

  11. Wind and sun goes well together. Surely also your biscuits and my tummy (:

    Have a good new week.

  12. Your olive biscuit cookies look so wonderful!

    This is a little off subject, but thank you for the putting titles of books on your sidebar. I just checked out The Wild Braid from the library and it's so good.

  13. Those cookies look amazing! Sorry, don't know about escarole.

  14. A new day with sun and wind is always a good thing.
    And olive shortbread that is salty and sweet is another good thing.

    As for your last post - embrace the messiness of life - manifesto or not remember to be kind to yourself, and enjoy the gentle arrival of spring. Take care, Annie

  15. I don't know about escarole, but thos coolies look good.

  16. Oh goodness, I love the looks of those cookies. I have Heidi's cookbook and the recipes are divine. I am thinking of buying her second one. It is snowing like crazy here and I am having soup and really good bread for dinner. Glad I ran today because I have been indulging in a lot of 'good' bread. :)

  17. those cookies look amazing! i love the butterfly shapes. perfect.

  18. Ah--now you are free. Interesting how our mind works. I'm going back and forth whether to buy Heidi's latest cookbook...I think it would be a great addition to my shelves but then again, her site alone provides enough inspiration for meals upon meals.

  19. Thanks, everyone.

    Elisabelle, Thank you for my eggs!

    alexandria, I'm so happy you are enjoying a book I have noted in the sidebar. My list is spiraling out of control and I have two library books I need to pick up. Oh my. Book addiction.

    Annie, Thank you. I will try to be kind.

    Raina, Bread is difficult to refuse.

    Rachel, I know what you mean. Her website is so good. Add our Pinterest pins and we could both cook for years without opening a new book.