Monday, April 18, 2011

in the quiet

slipper in the park, 2011

I play the same song, over and over again. It takes me away, well, not away, back. I wonder what the neighbors think, but don't change a thing. The plants in my window are misshapen, so leggy, reaching desperately for the sun. They need more. It's supposed to rain soon, but I'm going out anyway. I won't wait. I don't feel like waiting. Why is this single white slipper still in the park? I first saw it in early March. Time keeps the same pace, but it's all relative. As life stretches time appears to move more quickly. Today is not moving at all. It is a pause, pressed down and smeared with a thumb. I can do anything I please and it won't count. I remember the sea lion in Biarritz, sleeping in the sun. He knew it wouldn't last.


  1. What a complete jewel of thoughts. I feel the words mysteriously in the center of my chest...

    Lovely, I must read it again.

  2. Lovely written! So what song is it that you are you listening to all day?

  3. Ah such are the sweet mysteries of life.

    Are you enjoying Blood, Bones And Butter?

  4. 'Today is not moving at all. It is a pause, pressed down and smeared with a thumb.'...brilliant...relevant.

    I have those songs too...

  5. So achingly true. I'm glad you still went outside. There are times when I know the rain is coming and I chicken out and stay in. Generally, I always wish I went out later.
    I'm curious what song you've been playing over and over. I had the house to myself the other day and had more than one track on repeat- shameless and silly, it was liberating :)

  6. Janis, Thank you. Such a poetic comment.

    Anne, The song? I fell back on an earlier post: (song at bottom of the post)

    Jane, I believe I allowed the reviews to set my expectations too high. I really like parts of the book, but haven't been captivated by every word.

    Rachel, Thank you. It seems you've understood my very strange mood.

    Nicolette, Thanks. I think you nailed it with "shameless and silly, it was liberating." I noted the song in my comment to Anne.

  7. Jewel of thoughts. Yes!

    I'm playing nine inch nails today. Shoot me now.

  8. Seeing the paper on the ground reminds me of all the times I see that lone sock on the stairwell, day after day, surprisingly unwilling to move until I pick it up.

    I'm glad you got out, too. I bet it was a lovely day.

  9. i haven't read it yet but hear it's highly rated

  10. Isn't it odd when you find something like that slipper? Don't you wonder what its story is, how it came to be abandoned, what happened to its owner...?
    Beautiful thoughts, thank you for sharing them...

  11. Beautiful capture of this moment in time, Denise. I especially love the bit about the sea lion.

  12. cookiecrumb, Hearing Nine Inch Nails always reminds me of a trip I took to Montreal. Long story. Don't ask.

    the Lady, Wait, did you see a paper or did you think the slipper was a paper?

    Char, Are you referring to Jane's comment?

    Indie.Tea, Yes, I have been wondering, especially since there is only one slipper. Hmmm...

    Lecia, It was one of the most content sea lions I've ever witnessed.

  13. I feel like that most days. I need to be more like those sea lions!

  14. i love your writing. the way this post meanders from lovely image to lovely image. always a treat to visit you here. -k

  15. nadine, Sometimes I cannot help myself.

    Jane, Those sea lions are very wise.

    Katrina, Thank you. What a nice comment.