Sunday, November 7, 2010

as my father does

salt, pepper, egg, 2010

November 2, 2010
5:37 pm

The sky is fading and the sounds of the landscape have shifted. Most of the birds have gone inside. They sit at their small tables, plates of worms before them. Something croaks, a frog or toad, I imagine. I've never known the difference. The clock ticks, loudly. Strong, secure. It will go on long after I've stopped. Tonight, I will eat a hard cooked egg, just as my father does, or as he did, the morning of my wedding. I will pinch salt onto a plate, grind pepper over the salt, and tap my egg into the mixture before each bite. I will eat an apple pulled from the tree just outside my window. The sheep will watch. And I will drink water from a wine glass because the night is special. Later, I will wake and stumble to see stars so strikingly bright I will be afraid to return to sleep. I won't want to let them go.


  1. I love the photo with your thoughts.

  2. Beautiful thoughts and I love your photo. It's strange to think how little difference our presence in the world affects it, that things still go on and on when we're gone but oh how we long to savour all these wonderful moments. Tonight I'll also be sure to look up at the stars and tell myself the night is special.

  3. Blue bowl lovely.

    This is why we do this maybe, to remind ourselves and others to take a moment and be there.

    And to allow ourselves to remember.

    xo Jane

  4. Love the remembrance and the observation

  5. This felt serene, like a soft hand on one's shoulder.

  6. denise, you know, my english is not good. but same your words give me great inspiration. I love what you write, I love how you do it.

  7. How I wish I had a tree full of apples just outside my window.

  8. I can feel the stillness of the image and your words.
    Lovely simplicity.

    I think I need an egg.

  9. You have such a beautiful way of writing about even the mundane acat of eating an egg.

  10. Prose poem. Photo poem. Both lovely. And the clock is steadily ticking here in the kitchen as I read. And I am glad that you have a workshop that is open for all to see. :-)

  11. so lovely - eating a hard-boiled egg with nothing but a touch of salt and pepper is one of life's simple but rewarding moments + i really like the image of the birds at their small tables with plates of worms before them. It made me think of one of my favourite childhood stories - Richard Bird in the Bush by Mollie Miller Atkinson. Thank you!

  12. What a striking photo. All the small details really make this photo amazing like the cracks in the egg and the pepper in the bowl :)


  13. You've captured a moment and such an evocative image. Thank you for bringing us along.

  14. what a brilliant little piece of writing. i enjoyed it very much.

  15. alexandria, Thank you.

    Vanessa, Thank you. It is strange. It makes me feel so small and insignificant. The stars that night, they were so amazing.

    flwrjane, I liked that bowl too, but it is not mine. It remains in the little cottage I was renting. I like your thoughts on 'why'.

    Kim, Thank you.

    mosey, I hope you thought of nice moments with him.

    Tracy, I like that description.

    Tiziana, Your English is so much better than my Italian. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

    Magda, I did enjoy having a tree full of apples just outside my window (sheep too), but only for a few days, while renting a little cottage.

    Camilla, Thank you. This is a really nice way to eat an egg. I hope you enjoyed one too.

    Annje, Maybe it's because it didn't feel mundane at the time. Another day with another egg probably would not be the same.

    Shae, I know... What are these things? I love titles, but I'm terrible with labels. I'm glad you visit my workshop.

    Annie, Thank you for your note. I was not familiar with this childhood story, but I found it on line and am going to read it.

    SMASH, Thank you.

    Lecia, Thank you. I enjoy bringing you along.

    shari, Thank you. This makes me happy.

  16. delicate writing, like the eggshell

    potent with memory, and the moment.

  17. nancy, I love your comments : )

    Bethany, Thank you.

  18. Such a memory combined with such a moment in the present. Your writing and photo made me feel as if it were my own memory, my own present.

  19. I love the way you weave in and out of ... a little bit of magical realism, maybe? The image you pulled me in with - the birds, sitting at their small tables... and then the memories... and the sheep... and wanting to hold on to stars... because that is the way we remember, no? In little bits and pieces, fantasy and reality all getting tangled up in feelings...

    All this to say, simply: you do it so well. Capturing all of that. I love reading your words, Denise. Every time.

    much love,

  20. You find magic in even the smallest things...that is what i love so much about you

  21. Anne Marie, Thank you.

    Rachel, I love that it made you feel that way. Thank you for letting me know.

    Maria, You describe memory so well. Yes, I believe it is all of those things you mention, "little bits and pieces, fantasy and reality all getting tangled up in feelings..."

    Amelia, I do enjoy observing. Thank you.