Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And the winner is (drum roll...)

got it, 2010

Someone in Norway is going to be sporting some Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER this winter. Anne Marie from Life in Yonder, you are the chosen one.

Per Anne Marie's request, I will surprise her with one of her two color choices (Homemade Jam or Soot). I'll be visiting Bainbridge Island and making the big decision soon.

I'm sending a big thank you to all of you who joined in on the fun with your kind comments. You make me smile.

Congrats Anne Marie!


  1. oh hooray for Anne Marie! Did you read her post on big society? Quite thought-provoking....

  2. Anne Marie is one lucky girl - but so am I, because I hadn't seen her blog before and it's lovely. I'm slightly envious of the Shelter goodness, but I'll live :)

  3. Goddamit!!! I was too busy having fun with Mels to enter the competition...

  4. Congratulations to Anne Marie. Now I too will zip over and read her thought provoking blog.

    I am not the least bit jealous.

    xo Jane

  5. Hip Hurra for Anne Marie!Congratulations.

  6. I second the thoughts above. Or 6th, since it appears I am 6th in line! Very jealous, but after reading her blog, sort of delighted for her. What a great introduction to her writing!

  7. She's a lucky girl! That company's catalog is really attractive. Makes me want to take up knitting, though I'd want to begin knitting the hard stuff first. I can see the frustration ;^)

    Have a great trip!

  8. Annie, Yes, I did read her big society post and completely agree--quite thought provoking.

    Anja, You are a good sport.

    Debs, you crack me up! Hope you had fun with Melissa.

    Jane, I'm not sure I believe you ; )

    Lauren, Agreed, I've been a fan for a while now.

    Janis, Perhaps you are gifted enough to begin with the tough stuff.

  9. Happy, happy, happy! *dancing*

    I am so lucky & so happy!

    And the best part is that I still have a colour surprise in store. I love surprises!

    Thank you Denise!

    PS. And thanks to everyone saying so nice thing about my big society post. They mean a lot to me!