Saturday, September 18, 2010

All I need...

Complete, 2010

A good man, fresh bread, and pesto.

View of the Ligurian Sea optional


  1. A small glass of rioja? But yes, I see where you're coming from.

  2. Complete, and so beautiful. That little jar! Those older Kerr jars are my favorite half pints and I was thrilled to find a half dozen at Urban Ore in Berkeley yesterday.

    Your blog is an essential part of my internet viewshed, Denise. Thank you.

  3. Gorgeous photo! Cheers to the three things. I've missed your posts, but I hope all has been lovely. Welcome back!

  4. Mise, Oh yes, I mustn't forget the wine. I did drink the local white wine with just about every meal. It was glorious.

    Shae, I love that you noticed the jar. The word (brand?) Fiocco is on one side of the jar. I brought it home. It's a sweet little jar. I have not been to Urban Ore in a while. We just don't have the space to add anything, but it is a great place. Welcome home. And...thank you.

    alexandria, All has been lovely. Our trip was beautiful and fueled much thought. Thank you.

  5. Just saying hi! Your blog is beautiful! Amazing photos.

  6. I've missed you and your posts, but I'm glad to hear you've been having a wonderful time while you were away.

    much love,

  7. Will you be telling us more about your travels? :-)

  8. Ah! That lovely post was just the thing to brighten up my grimy and grey Monday morningness.
    Thanks Denise!
    Hope to hear more about your Ligurian adventures soon.

  9. Oh you didn't. You did. Sigh.....

    Hope you had a lovely time.

  10. piecesoffab, Hello and thank you.

    Maria, I've missed you too. Time away to refuel has been good.

    Rachel, It sure works for me.

    Annje, Yes, it really was nice.

    Jessica, I'm not very good at documenting travel, but I guarantee my time away will filter into my posts.

    RW, Thank you. It's always nice to return to my own bed.

    Debjani, Excellent! So happy to help. I know all about grey Mondays. It's actually not grey in San Francisco today and I am so pleased.

    mosey, It was lovely. We took a lot of nice new memories home with us.

    Tracy, Oh yes, I agree.

  11. Yes, that sounds about right! But I'm with mise on the wine ;)

  12. I agree with Shae... you are part of my essential internet moments.

  13. fresh365, I do like a glass of wine, but for's NNN.

    Amelia, Thank you. What a nice thing to say.

    annette, And I hope you do.

  14. you have a beautiful blog!!! i love this post.

  15. YES!

    i was in cinque terre this summer with my good man, the sea, and some pesto- HEAVEN.

  16. Lydia, Thank you.

    life in yonder, Makes sense. It seems the company that makes them, Ferrero, is an Italian company.

    bugheart, It is a nice combination.

    Bridget, I so agree and was therefore in Italy for my fourth trip. I'm ready to start planning #5. I loved the Lasagne al Pesto too.