Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Homage to Mr. Williams and Apology to Chris

There Was Only One

I have eaten
the Early Girl
that was on
the counter

and which
you were probably
for pleasure

Forgive me
it was delicious
so juicy
dripping sweet

This Is Just To Say
by William Carlos Williams


  1. I would be in sooooo much trouble if I did that!

  2. I love that poem and am waiting for Chris's response. :)

  3. I've always loved that poem but don't find it bad that you adapted it, especially as you did it in such a charming way. Who could be mad?

  4. flwrjane, Lucky for me, Chris is very forgiving.

    Char, :)

    Rachael, He laughed.

    kate, Thank you.

    Vanessa, This was actually just a funny email I sent to Chris this morning. I did hesitate about making it a post, hoping I wasn't being disrespectful to William Carlos Williams in any way. It was all in good fun and I hope it is taken by all as such.

  5. I ADORE WCW!!! so witty. like you.

  6. love it! I hope Chris can find it in his heart to forgive you

  7. this is just to say
    given only one
    early girl
    on the counter
    i would have done the
    same thing

  8. Perfect. As was Nancy's response!

  9. you really had no choice but to eat it.

    i love your version of the poem too!

  10. :) oh that made me smile! How perfect - I shall keep this up my sleeve for the next time I help myself to the last one of something...

  11. Dilemma! Can't decide if I'd rather have the cold plums or the room toms.
    So nice.

  12. This reminds me of my home. I never know what may be missing when I wake up in the morning. Thank you for making me smile...

  13. Thanks, everyone.

    Nancy, Perfect. Love it!

  14. OMG I 8 all teh plumz! So sw33t n c00l!!!LOL --WCW

  15. Loved this!
    btw, I've ordered some of the other literary works you have mentioned before on your post. I just received The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway which I am reading to my husband each night in bed before we turn out the lights. It is fabulous.
    Waiting for the poetry to come in...

    Hope Chris forgave you. A luscious Early Bird is really hard to give up.

  16. I love this post. So clever, so sweet, so there's-no-way-you-can-get-mad-at-me-now-after-the-sweet-poem-I-wrote... :)