Thursday, June 30, 2016

Carnival Evening

Carnival Evening, 2016

May 22, 2016

I let it go. For a moment I just sat there, my feet warm in thick socks as the wind roared outside, and examined all of the details of my new book—the silver National Book Award Finalist seal on the front cover and the detail of the Henry Rousseau painting it was stamped over, the small square photograph of the poet's face on the back of the book, lower left, and the bookmark the person at the shop had tucked inside.

Then I heard the wind again, it had gotten louder, and I put the book down. It was strange, I thought, the way books sidle up beside weather. Or is it the other way around? I'm usually aware of the weather when I'm reading a book, aware in a way I am not while watching a movie or researching a topic on the internet.

Soon there was only the ticking of the clock and the settling sounds of the cottage. The thing I had let go attempted its return.

The wind growled and saved me. I picked up Pastan.



  1. How I wish for a moment such as this one described. It's too hot for socks round here right now, so I am devouring a light story of mischief myself.

    1. I hope you enjoyed your light story of mischief.

  2. The simplest act and yet so much beauty to the words you use to describe it. I too have noticed the companionship of words and weather...

  3. Beautiful Denise! I just discovered your three poems Thursday. What a treat.