Friday, May 22, 2015

Mavis Gallant in Madrid

Just, 2015

I just listened to Antonya Nelson reading Mavis Gallant's short story, "When We Were Nearly Young", again.


A perfect match.

It's just so damn good. Sometimes I crave the recording and play it just to fill me up with, I'm not sure what. Quality, I guess. Nelson's voice paired with Gallant's story as fuel, inspiration to push myself further.

Find thirty-two minutes and fifty-seven seconds, get comfortable, and click here.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to Mavis Gallant. This reading is so worth listening to.

  2. You recommended this to me before and it went on 'the list' because I couldn't figure out how to download that episode to my ipod (too old). That list that sometimes gets attention, and sometimes gets forgotten for months on end. this morning, sitting down with some tea and my knitting, on a rare day when I could take a few hours off, I finally searched this out. Thank you for the reminder. The language...'heavily idle'...'not in horror, even less with compassion, but still suspended'. Wow. And I wonder now, if I would have enjoyed it as much reading it on my own. Because you are right that the pairing of the voice and the words was perfect. Ignoring that question, I have added some more of her short stories to my TBR list. You never disappoint with your suggestions...

    1. I'm so happy you enjoyed the story, Rachel. Let me know if you find one of her short stories especially appealing. I know I've read some, but they are not popping into my mind at the moment. It's always this one that sticks with me.

    2. I recently subscribed to the New Yorker (I felt so grown up doing that which makes me feel a bit ridiculous - but whatever) because my appreciation of short stories is growing -- exponentially actually. I won't actually get any of the magazines until I get home of course, but I also received digital access to the entire set of archives with the subscription. I searched through and found many Gallant stories published in the 50's and 60's so I'll start with some of those. Will let you know if any others grab me like this story did!

    3. Excellent. Enjoy, and thank you!

  3. thanks for the introduction!