Thursday, December 23, 2010

She wanted snow, but settled for sun.

Behind, 2010

It was three days before Christmas. She wanted snow, but settled for sun. The weather had been gloomy and grey for so long. It was mid-morning when it arrived. She wondered if there'd ever been a sun so welcome, so comforting. It lulled her to sleep, almost instantly.

She woke to see the moon smiling brightly against the dark sky. It was stunning. Each evening she'd shut her blinds as darkness began to descend, but this moon had her rethinking her ways. What one does mustn't be what one does, forever.

The world felt light. She was floating, an absent minded bliss. It went on. Time was not of the essence, so she lost track of it. Why bother.

She'd filled the bathtub hours ago and forgotten about it, completely. So she drained the cool water, and filled it again with hot. It was wasteful, yet gratifying.

She eased into the hot water, wincing a bit, and then settling. Clear hot water -- no bubbles, oils, or salts. The heat made her feel slightly dizzy, so she maneuvered the oblong trip lever with her toe and the waterline began to recede.

Soon the tub was empty. She remained still. The trip lever resembled a long nose, the round metal plate behind it, a face, and the two screws, eyes. The nose was crooked and the expression aloof. It looked at her, mockingly. Still, she did not move until the heat evaporated from her skin and she began to cool.

Finally she stood, slipped into a large men's oxford shirt, and moved toward the kitchen. She poured herself a tall glass of water and drank half of it in a single gulp. It was 2am.

She'd slept most of the day and now felt wide awake and ready to begin, something. Seated upright at the kitchen table, she looked down at the blank page and watched the landscape begin to take shape.


  1. Denise, have I ever told you how much I love the way you write? Well, there you have it :)
    "What one does mustn't be what one does, forever." So true.

  2. i think floating in an absent minded bliss is where most of us are right about now....

    i loved this "she" story :)

    merry christmas to you !
    and i hope you find a word for the new year that fits you can share it with me on jan. 1st

  3. I like wasteful, yet gratifying.

  4. I love it all.

    And my word verification is "guess." Seems appropriate for this post.

    Can't wait to see how things unfold through your words in 2011.

    Pure magic.

    much love,

  5. Is it not a gift to be able to write so that your readers identify so strongly with the characters, the setting, something???? You have that gift.

  6. Youe words dance across the are so gifted.

    Wishing you Merry Christmas.

  7. So beautifully written. Good to be reminded that what one does does not need to be done forever. Love that.

  8. I love that, "it was wasteful yet gratifying." Your stories are delicious, and this one is no exception.

  9. Mindful moments in quiet solitude

    Thank you.

  10. That's what it's like, this time of year.

    "What one does mustn't be what one does, forever."

    The last couple of days, I have been picking up wonderful quotes from friends and writing them on my big calendar for 2011. Like I am making one of those "quotation" calendars, but more personal. This one just landed on April.

  11. Love this post, and I really can't add anymore than what everyone else has said here...Love the way your write!

  12. I meant the way YOU write...the mind is becoming too full of Christmas I think!

  13. I am yawning and my eyes are tearing as I write this.

    but I didn't want to stumble off to bed before I told you how beautifully this read.

    And how well I'll sleep now.

    xo Jane

  14. I really enjoyed this entry. And its the season for indulgence, so I suppose we can be a bit wasteful.

  15. What a lovely Christmas gift that was. Beautiful written! Thank you!

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas where ever you are and whatever is the tradition there.

    warm hugs

  16. wonderful night story
    "she looked down at the blank page and watched the landscape begin to take shape" ... and all her reader were so happy because they could partake of her wonderful visions...

  17. You have a true writer's gift you know Denise and even the little moments are so beautifully described. I have given up showers for baths this winter and those sensations are exactly what I feel. In Berlin there is up to 30cm of snow and fresh flakes are falling here in the UK so I find it hard to imagine a non-white landscape but I'm glad you are enjoying this special time and wish you wonderful holidays.

  18. I've been wasteful with my bath water, too. Lovely, Denise. Thanks.

  19. you are such a fab writer... takes me right there.

    hope your Christmas was one of the merriest ever! xx

  20. Gorgeous words. What a beautiful talent!

  21. I love it what a great story! "She wanted snow, but settled for sun" so poetic, like a dream :D

  22. This reminds of waking up after being ill for days, and feeling like a brand new shiny person. Lovely.

    Happy Holidays a wee bit late...

  23. such a lovely piece of writing. happy new year, denise! xo

  24. Happy new year and the very best in 2011. Just keep writing your lovely words. Hugs.

  25. as usual, you've put me right in that moment. and 'wasteful, yet gratifying' very perfect.

    happy new year to you. i'm looking forward to savoring your words and images for another year.

  26. We are beginning the year here with rain and a grey sky. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to sit here and read such thoughtful notes. Things are looking up. Thank you all, so much.