Friday, December 10, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

December 10, 2010

I would like to share with you a glimpse of my one and only Christmas decoration, so far. There might be more, there might not. I do not feel deprived. Quite pleased, actually.

All that's needed now, to really get into the spirit of the season, is my holiday trilogy: It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, and Love Actually. I know, so pedestrian, but they make me happy.

(serves one or more)

Cut ring of desired size from piece of cardboard you were just about to recycle. Find beautiful and sadly unused ball of red yarn in knitting stash. Wrap red yarn around entire cardboard wreath. Be patient, it takes a little while, but not too long. Tie desired length of red yarn to back of wreath for hanging wreath. Hang wreath from window lock in front window after you decide you don't like it on the mirror in the entryway. Now all passersby will be able to view your fine craftsmanship. Admire your little creation and feel pleased with yourself.


  1. Beautiful. And you figured out the snow. (Not that I had any doubt you could. I'm just not yet sure that I can.) :-)

  2. What a beautiful decoration to have. I like your trilogy of films too. One film that I have added to watching each year is The Family Stone. It has heart and I think you'd love it.

  3. last correction...I swear.

    Shae, Just click on the little snowflake (aka asterisk) at the bottom of this post. PS--alexandria, right here beneath you in comment land, introduced me to the snow.

    alexandria, Okay, I like heart. I'll have to check it out. By the way, thank you for my snow.

  4. Snow! How do you do that? And, how do you manage to have one decoration? I'm intriqued, mainly because of the simplicity and serenity of it.

  5. countingdandelions, See my snow comment (to Shae) above. You'll have snow in about 2 seconds. As for the decorations, well, I might add some little white lights. I've always loved those little white lights.

  6. And "The Holiday". I love the cottage in England.

    We have a tree in the back of the truck ready to go Sunday. And I've decorated my little chandelier in the even smaller hallway.

    I'm inspired, I'll go take a picture.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    xo Janw

  7. flwrjane, Oh yes, I remember when she walks up to that cottage. If my memory is serving me, I believe the whole town was pretty charming. Happy tree trimming.

  8. White Christmas is my must movie - I love musicals.

    I love your little wreath -- and especially your directions :)

  9. Those little snowflakes blowing across are so cute. I love your beautiful decoration and I wanna try making your wreath right now. Great film choices too - Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without It's A Wonderful Life. We watch it every year on Christmas Eve.

  10. i like your simple wreath idea. we just have the stockings from my childhood, a few strings of lights with a few, special ornaments hanging from them. as for christmas movies, i have to watch It's a Wonderful Life. it's a must! xo

  11. I don't have a thing up right now. I think your beautiful wreath is all you need. I'm really slow in the decoration thing. We did get snow, real snow, this morning, and it felt like winter to me.

  12. i'm pretty sad with the decorations - i did buy a tree - it's in the box in the living room.

    enjoy the movies!

  13. I love reading your movie recomendations. Love acually is one of my favourits too. The other two I have to check out before I say anything.

    Christmas decorations should not be something you have to do. It is something you do because you like it and because it sets you in the mood just like so many other things. Yay for simple & efectful Christmas decorations!

  14. Ingenious and beautifully photographed. I watch 'A River Runs Through It' every Christmas; I like its presbyterian bleakness and repressed hope amid all the sparkle.

  15. I'm seeing yarn wreaths pop all over the place. I must have enough in my stash to make one. The one thing I'm lacking...time.

  16. you really make me smile.
    such a sweet wreath!

    it's all about the spirit of Christmas!

  17. I love this, it makes me a smile...

    We are so minimal at Christmas I hesitate telling people. Though this year I snagged some freebie tree clippings from Toby's in Point Reyes. Daniel likes to call them my "dumpster boughs" ... I was handed them, thank you. Just thought I'd let you know :^)

  18. I, too, would be extremely pleased with having a solitary wreath. The older I get, the more minimalist I become. Unfortunately, the rest of my family would not be happy at all without more decorations.

  19. i just have on decoration too. and pretty much the same you have!
    but i am shooting a loot of street decorations these days!

  20. I love Love Actually. The first time I saw it, I got so absorbed in it I ended up missing the night train to Paris. Can´t wait to try the other two you mentioned!

  21. I need to make just sounds so sweet.

  22. Your instructions are the best. I've read them three times and I just keep smiling.

  23. kate, Thank you. I don't think I've seen White Christmas. Perhaps this will be the year. I can't say I love musicals, but I do love one -- Oklahoma.

    Vanessa, Did you make it? I hope so. I really want to make that beautiful snow topped spice cake in your last post.

    shari, Your decorations seem pretty perfect to me. Enjoy It's a Wonderful Life. I know I will.

    Julia, Snow is all you need. Unfortunately, I'm just seeing rain.

    Char, Well, if you feel in the mood to put up your tree, cool, if not, that's cool too. Just make sure you eat some good cookies. The cookies are non-negotiable. The movies? I haven't seen one yet. Just Charlie Brown so far. I love that sweet little tree...

    Anne Marie, See my note to Debjani regarding the other two films. And yes, cheers to whatever decorations suit the decorator! I'm really wishing I had one of your gingerbread cookies right about now...

    mise, You are hilarious. I just might partake.

    Jane, You could always make a very small wreath.

    Leslie, Thanks. I agree, it's the spirit.

    Janis, I love Toby's Feed Barn. I've watched some great authors speak there. The bales of hay turned auditorium seating is a fun way to watch an event. I actually picked my pine branch up off the sidewalk in front of our local hardware store. It seemed a scrap, so I decided to take it home.

    Lecia, It is something that seems best decided by the family as a whole. I did add one pine branch to the mix.

    Elisabelle, Sometimes looking at how others decorate is more fun than the actual decorating. Happy photograph making.

    Debjani, Love Actually is so fun. Please note that the other two films I mention could not be more different. They are old black & white favorites that were made in the 1940s, long before I was even born. So, no Hugh Grant.

    Camilla, It's pretty quick and definitely simple, if you'd like to add a little something to your current holiday scene.

    Rachael, No. Really? I love it.

  24. sounds like the perfect decoration, and perfectly described. as for the movies - I'm heartened to know that you too watch Love Actually every Christmas - it's become somewhat of a cheesy ritual for me, not to mention I now see airport arrivals in a completely new way....

  25. oooh and I've just tried the ole snow effect (insert HUGE grin) - thanks! Sadly I think this is as close to reliable snow fall Portland is gonna get....

  26. "So pedestrian" - I've always loved that expression. :)

    Your wreath is perfection, especially because it is enough for you. I love it.


  27. Annie, Don't we all need a few cheesy rituals? I love mine. I keep turning my snow off and on, depending on the post. I just added it again because I feel it works well with my baked oatmeal. Your post on Whitepod is making me crave snow, Swiss snow in particular.

    Maria, Yes, "So pedestrian" -- I like it too, especially with a British accent.

  28. i love that wreath....and i think one or two simple christmas decorations is just fine.....i don't need a whole house dressed in green and glittery things to remind me what season it is :)

  29. More than I have! And your choices are probably more sophisticated than mine...The Family Man, The Holiday, Love Actually (watched last night again), and Julie & Julia somehow made it into the rotation! As a child it was Star Wars and Sound of Music. ;)

  30. beth, Thanks.

    Rachel, We just watched Love Actually last night. I laugh during so much of it, but the part with Emma Thompson & her husband just kills me. It's so sad.