Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dene & Lisa (& Lion)

Dene & Lisa, 1971
Image courtesy of Aunt Barbara
Photographer: Mom or Dad (?)

Thinking about my little sis today... I'm not sure what was happening in most of our childhood photographs, but she's always smiling and I'm always looking a bit put-upon. Mom tells me the studious stuffed lion was the free gift that accompanied my parent's new checking account. Lisa seems to like it.


  1. I like the big sis protective arm on the little one. We have many pictures of me with my arm around my younger brother. A lion to open a checking account? the other day I was in the bank with my two boys and they were giving away itouches for opening an account!

  2. Secretly I always wished to have an older sister...and this photo speaks volumes. I agree with Jane...I see you holding your arm her not- the not smiling part.

  3. Jane, Wow, you nailed it. I'm a very protective big sister. Maybe a stuffed lion is just the 1971 equivalent to the iPod touch of 2010.

    Camilla, I can't even imagine being a little sister. It seems like a whole different world. Big sister with arm around little sister was our classic pose.

  4. I miss that protective sibling thing. I have 6 brothers and sisters and when we were kids we were all close, but now for many, many reasons things are a bit more distant.

    I love those pants--I want a pair!

    I love my itouch... have no desire for stuffed lions... take 2010 banking any day!

  5. i think that is the burden of other be put upon. LOL

    i'm an older sister too

  6. I'm a younger sister and this reminds me of many of our childhood photos.

    Also? I think I had that EXACT same skirt.

  7. You look lost in thought, Denise, which is probably exactly what you were as you've grown into your very contemplative self.

  8. Annje, It's just easier when we are kids. All of the details of adult life makes that "close" more complicated. Those pants are pretty fabulous. I don't think I need any new stuffed animals or apple products. I'd rather just take the cash equivalent.

    Char, Ah...another member of the older sisters club. It's not an easy role. You know.

    mosey, I think they are pants, but it is tough to say for sure. I'll have to ask my mom. It's the fabric that really counts and this fabric would look excellent as a skirt or pants. It seems we were both pretty stylish little girls.

    Tracy, It's fun looking back.

    mise, Yes, I like that, not put-upon, but lost in thought. I was a very serious little girl and probably had some important issue on my mind when the shutter was released.

  9. i know that glace (or look? i don't know, in english, the right word for "sguardo").
    and also my little sister is a lisa :)

  10. ops! was glance, not glace! sorry, my english is terrible! ;)

  11. adorable! I have a younger sister too and I love perusing our old -timey faded photos trying to spot the differences that we still hold in our personalities :)

  12. Yes, I don't think it's put-upon at all. Perhaps an "I'm-not-sure-about-the-lion" look. ;)

    And I too like the protective arm around your younger sibling. I'm an older sister, too...


  13. tiziana, Yes, "look" works. I'm sure your English is much better than my Italian. So, we have some things in common, we are both big sisters and we both grew up with a little Lisa.

    Amelia, It is fun to look back and see those things that just do not change. We are definitely born with certain traits. My sister was smiling in her newborn photographs.

    Maria, Thank you. Maybe I was skeptical about that large lion. I think we older sisters share a certain understanding.