Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Almond Cake

Someday, 2010


The road was a little rocky. No almond extract. No food processor. No stand mixer. A failed attempt with a springform pan (least fun).

Still, it is done. Still, it is perfect.

Almond Cake Recipe


  1. May I be the first to congratulate you? Clearly, it is perfect. I wish I could have the next bite.

  2. This looks scrumptious. I love the photo. It's very satisfying making a new recipe that turns out.

  3. Shae & alexandria, Thanks. It is so good. I kind of want to eat a slice for dinner...

  4. Wonderful! forget the processor, stand mixer, annoying springform pan...i'm a firm believer in use-what-you've-got. and i do enjoy baking low tech/improv, feels like magic when it works.

    (david lebovitz did write that this cake is endlessly adaptable!)

  5. it looks perfect. and not only that, but what a darling plate!

  6. Perfect. This certainly sounds like a keeper. I'd love a slice!

  7. cross that off the "someday" list. looks delicious. and there is nothing wrong with having cake for dinner.

  8. So is this what's for breakfast?
    If so...I'll be right over.

  9. i want to figure out how to make an almond cake without almond paste...have tried but i don't think it quite works.

  10. omg--that recipe looks amazing!! (especially when he described slicing and filling it with chocolate icing....)

    glad yours turned out without the extract and stand mixer--but what went wrong with your springform??

  11. Yes, "still it is perfect" is a wonderful feeling.

    Eat up, eat well... ah, yes, here's to that!

  12. sounds amazing...
    (where can I find the recipe?)

  13. Looks like it! Now I'm going to have to give the recipe a try :-)

  14. I can't believe I was out of town and didn't get to have a piece of cake.

    It looks heavenly and i want the plate.

  15. Yum I love almond cake! Thanks for your tips re Chicago, and as for the cardamom cooler - it's pretty darn yummy. I left out the honey in my second batch and it was even better.

  16. I can't resist an almond cake and yours looks SCRUMPTIOUS.

  17. A beautiful cake. It looks perfect -- I love simplicity of this photo. I know it would be superb.

  18. looks perfect :) and all those tools are just gadgets, they make it easier but looks like they're not necessary :)

  19. dang. looks absolutely perfect. recipe soon?

  20. Total yum. Thanks for pointing it out. My life would be a bit paler without almonds.

  21. it looks gorgeous. and that plate is just delightful.

  22. It sure looks perfect to me. I only wish that plate was in front of me. RIGHT. NOW. ;)

  23. Who would have known the cake was so strewn with problems along the way? It looks beautiful!

  24. For anyone who missed my far-too-light font, their is a link to this recipe at the bottom of the post.

    nancy, You are so right. Who needs the gadgets.

    Tumbleweed Woman, I bought that plate for a performance art piece I was planning that never quite came to fruition (long story). It still works well with almond cake.

    Michele, It's easier than I made it sound. You should make one.

    countingdandelions, Check! No, nothing wrong at all.

    Camilla, Anytime. Just call when you are on your way.

    Julia (Color Me Green), Hmmm. There must be a way. I'm no baker, but what about ground almonds? Almond flour?

    Christine, My springform pan has apparently lost its nice snug fit. Some people line with foil to avoid this, but I wasn't even aware of the issue and my batter started dropping onto the bottom of the oven and making almond pancakes. The cakes started to burn, I smelled the burning, and the party was over. I transferred the warm batter to a small rectangular Pyrex pan thinking the cake would be a big flop. But no, it turned out to be tasty. Lucky me.

    gracia, Thank you.

    Amelia & Jen, Have you tried it yet?

    lavienouveau, Thank you. It was a very simple, yet pretty cake.

    flwrjane, You'll have to wait until it cools down to make one for yourself. Put it on any old plate, it will still be tasty.

    Annie, Enjoy Chicago.

    Mary-Laure, Thank you. It was very good.

    Lisa, Thank you. It's a great recipe, even though my road was a little rocky. You should give it a go.

    M., You are correct. I made it without the gadgets!

    Anna, I hope you've made it and are enjoying a slice this eve.

    Julia, Thank you. No problem. Mine too.

    Katrina, Thanks. See my note above to Tumbleweed Woman regarding my plate.

    Carolyn, The ingredient list is brief. You can whip one up quickly and have a fresh slice in front of you tonight.

    D. Oh, I exaggerate. It was well worth it.