Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How closely did you look?

Save, 2010


Today is June. This pleases me.

Good things happen in June.

Never draw attention to your flaws.

I know why I'm broken.
I know where I'm broken. And I lied.
I wanted you to feel better.

Were the blinds loosely open or loosely shut?
They were not tightly closed.
How closely did you look?

This does not end or get better, does it?
It only gets worse. How do I frame this reality?
I won't. I'll have hope.
As blind as it may be, it is what's happening.

You wake, as usual, if naturally waking, unsure if you are actually awake, and if allowed, you will fall back to sleep. The wavering is a sure sign that you are not awake. When you are awake, you know. There is no doubt.

It's like anything else.

Say something when there is something to say.

You don't have to believe.

You are free to see it as you see it.
Is there any other way?

Things that are not used get dusty.

Leaves will blow, but rain will not fall.
This is the promise.

And the sun?

The spaces between.
There are so many more.

You know who you are.

This is my workshop, but I shouldn't be here.
Or should I?

I'm going.


  1. I believe in good things happening in june too.
    beautiful poem, thoughts.... :)

  2. There are so many more spaces between - it's true. We tend to discard them, to live numbly through them. I will take that line as a reminder to myself - because I need it. (Of course, this is just my reading.)

    As always, your writing both transports me and makes me think. Thank you.


  3. Your poem first made me smile and then Ifelt those pinpricks of awareness that this is the truth.

    but you should be there.

  4. M., Here's to June! Thank you. Poem, thoughts...I'm not so sure myself.

    Maria, It is my reading too. Thank you for reading, thinking, commenting : )

    Tumbleweed Woman, Thank you.

    flwrjane, I know exactly what you mean. I felt those pinpricks while writing. I thought I should be there too.

  5. The first thing that came to mind when I finished reading: Don't forget your sweater! I don't know why. It's what I thought. It was as if I was watching a hurried Denise, late for something. June is for very good things. It's tumbling us ever closer to summer.

  6. Love the photo. And the words, too. xo

  7. Your "poetry" puts my haiku to shame. ;) I love the way your thoughts meander.... mine work much the same...

  8. Wonderful photo!
    it looks like the branch wants to fall down on the floor.

  9. Denise, When I first read this post via my mobile phone, there was no formatting and so I did not know for sure where your poem began. I love how I can randomly pick a starting point and receive a different poem each time...the meaning changes for me. it is quite powerful as a whole and also in pieces.

  10. I just found your site thru Tea's morel post. The name caught my eye - my name is also Denise & we have a site Chez Us. We had originally wanted to name the site Chez Denise; but, that French restaurant in Paris took the name! Love yours! Great poem ... I have a feeling I will be spending some free time over here!

  11. I so enjoy your blog for its varied creative branches, engaging and courageous. a line meant for me: "things that are not used get dusty"

  12. Tracy, Perhaps these words seemed fragile and brought out your motherly caring side. It's nice.

    Nicole, Thanks. I hope you are enjoying your cake experiments.

    Mosey, No no. I love your haiku.

    Elisabelle, Yes, that branch is straining. I accidentally broke it from the plant and am hoping I can entice it to root.

    counting dandelions, Thank you for taking the time to see things as you did. I, of course, know what I was thinking. It's fun to see what others see.

    Denise (Chez Us), Tea's morel adventure looked like so much fun. Enjoy perusing during your free time. It's a nice place to meander.

    Nancy, I'm happy to know you appreciate the branches. I like them. Not all people do. About the dust, it does make sense, doesn't it?

  13. June is off to such a good start and reading this poem solidifies it even more. Beautiful!

  14. alexandria, It is feeling good so far. Thank you.

  15. I like the bit about waking. I try to notice those moments when I'm wavering and foggy, but truly, there is no doubt when you are awake and walking through life with full awareness. There's a lot of wisdom in this poem, Denise.

  16. What a wonderful poem. I have a tendency to draw attention to my flaws but then again, not everyone notices them and it doesn't help you much. I need to remember that and look for those spaces. Hope June brings wonderful things for you.

  17. Jessica, I have experienced some really strange moments between being asleep and awake, those sort of half dream state moments. Thanks for reading.

    Vanessa, It's interesting you noted the line about flaws. It's the title of a photograph I made when I was in graduate school. The image is the precise opposite of the title.

  18. It's true, good things happen in June.
    I had some catching up to do, I mean i wanted to have some ctaching up to do. I often save your posts for Sundays with a cup of coffee so I can look closely.
    This is is very beautiful and very resonant for me at the moment.

  19. I adore this!
    Thank you.
    Hope you are having a lovely sunday today.

  20. Rachel, I love having coffee with you on Sundays. Let's do it again soon.

    Abby, Thank you. I hope you are enjoying your Texan Sunday.

  21. inspiring
    and here's not only to June but to the whole summer. a time to pause and think of the smallest, tiniest (and biggest) things in life...not the everyday middle sized ones :)