Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My salute to the satsuma.

The glorious satsuma.
I love it here, I love it there, I really love it everywhere.

I like them seen way down below.

I like one resting in a bowl.

Or with some pals in a Nijiya Market still life.
They are so sweet,
they are so nice.

Sometimes safely tucked inside a nook.

Or resting quietly, with a book.

The peel drops from the flesh,
and there's never a seed.

Eat one today and happy you'll be.


  1. oh how you made me smile with this

  2. this is just lovely i really am in love with those bowls. they are beautiful!

  3. I love seeing fruit with stems and leaves. It just makes me smile. This reminds me that I need to buy a crate of clementines...

  4. mmmmm.
    i don't have satsumas, but i do have a clementine. i'm off to eat that! :D

  5. I've had satsumas on my mind lately and what joy it was to find your post! So creative all the little ways to enjoy them. Perfect!

  6. I love them too. Right now I have clementines all over the place -- random spots in the kitchen, in my purse, on my desk. They're always there when you need one.

  7. They look lovely, unfortunately i am allergic to them :(

  8. Great pictures! And I'm trying to think of which Dr. Suess book this reminds me so much of.....Which is it?!

  9. Char, Precisely my intention! I was feeling silly. Thanks for playing along.

    Christina, Thank you. I love the bowls too. I'm always happy to sell one, but also a little sad to see it go.

    Tracy, Yes, I too love the fruit with stems and leaves. Just one of the many reasons I love gardening. I miss it so. I'm glad to know I was able to leave you with a smile. Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy your clementines!

    Lisa, Clementines will work! I hope yours was tasty. I might opt for them on my next citrus shopping spree.

    Alexandria, Thank you! As I mentioned to Char, I was feeling a little silly that day.

    Jessica, Wise! Surrounding yourself with all of that vitamin C is not only healthy, it's pretty, and therefore good for the soul. Enjoy those clementines!

    Little Lotus, Thank you for your note. I suppose it's only looking for you. Enjoy something else that is sweet and delicious, okay?

    Struggler, Thank you. I like the colors too. It's nice to see bright orange and green leaves so close to winter.

    Little Byrd, Thank you. Green Eggs & Ham (one of my all-time favorites).

  10. Hellowwwww, there, Denise... Thank you for the sweet comment on my little blog. You are a ceramic artist... that is wonderful, do you have a studio space or do you work from home. You pieces are lovely and rustic. Mmm. I like them, especially with little satsumas napping inside. :)

  11. lovely photos, lovely remixed poetry.

  12. Jesse Lu, Hellowwwww... Thank you for your note. I have been making my pottery at Lorna's studio (Sausalito Pottery) in Sausalito. I'm taking a short break, but look forward to having my hands back on the clay soon.

    MB, Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed making both :)

  13. we just picked up a box from trader joe's. so good!

  14. This made me smile. I'm allergic too but who says I can't enjoy the colour? Or the scent? Or even the liqueur we'll make from the peel? Thanks for a well-needed burst of colour!

  15. pretty, pretty, pretty.
    And am I just late to the party or does the blog look different (and new website??). The bowls are lovely--I hope they're selling well!!!

  16. lovely photography that made me hpapy

  17. Heart Charlie, Thank you.

    Shari, I'm so jealous. I am currently out of satsumas. What a sad day.

    Anja, Oh no...another allergy. Good ideas. Enjoy the view and the sweet sweet smell.

    Hi Megan, Truth be told, I often play with the colors and layout on my blog, so it could very well look new to you. I haven't changed anything on www.deniseparsons.com lately. I had some nice pottery and scarf sales, but then I scooted off for the holidays and had to put things on hold. I'm ready to get back to work now.

    Jill, Excellent--your being happy makes me happy.

  18. Very cute montage! lovely pottery too!!! ;)

  19. Elie, Thank you for your note. I will be taking a break from pottery making for a while, but there are still a few pieces in my Etsy shop, if you'd like to see more. I hope you are enjoying a nice warm Miami day. It's a bit dreary here in San Francisco today... I'm hoping for a little sun tomorrow.