Friday, December 4, 2009

I sleep all day and fish all night

Photograph by Indulis Ozers (Dad), 2009

As we drove away from the lake the words kept running through my mind, and it is there they remain.

I sleep all day and fish all night

Wisdom on the lake. Proof that it can be found in the most unlikely places. The key is being open to it. The art of observation.

The sun broke through the morning chill and warmed my skin. The air, still. The water, like glass. I was kayaking with my father when we saw him. A man standing alone at the end of a long pier. As we moved closer we noticed he was holding a fishing pole.

Any luck? my father asked casually.

The man answered so eagerly with his fully formed fish stories, I almost believed he'd been anticipating our arrival. He told tales of giant catfish and bass that he'd struggled to reel in, admired, and then returned to the lake. He stood tall as he told us I threw 'em back. They were too big to eat.

He was not a frivolous man. This was serious business. He respected his sport, the lake, the fish, and himself. He told us he was retired. They don't let ya camp overnight here, so I sleep all day and fish all night.

His best catch, a catfish he estimated at 20 lbs, was caught by moonlight at about 2:00 am.

Amazing...I thought. Amazing.

His life was fully functional and uniquely his own. He seemed a gentle, proud, and happy man.

There's more than one path to the Promised Land (or Lake)...

I admired his simple life, his focused goals, and his humble demeanor.

He made me think about my lifestyle, my goals, my demeanor. Were they uniquely my own? Did I need to refine things a bit, clear some clutter, polish up my list of priorities so I could see them--clean and clear? Most importantly, could I be completely open as I walk through this world?

Who knows how many options I've never even considered? I guess I'll never know the answer to that question, but I do know my opportunities are endless.

I sleep all day and and fish all night


  1. I loved sitting back in my chair as I read your experience. It's very cool that you were open to talking with this man and hearing his tales. Beautiful photograph to accompany it too!

  2. Alexandria, What a lovely comment--thank you! All photography complements on this post belong to Dad.

  3. i love this story... thanks for sharing. p.s. your blog is beautiful. thanks for visiting! besos!

  4. I love your writing. I feel so calmed by it.

  5. had to throw in my two cents on this post.. love the calming picture that Indul took, and the words capture all the feeling you put into your writing.. great job as always !

  6. Lillian (Peonies and Polaroids), Thank you so much. I enjoy writing. It's one of my favorite things in life.

    Aunt Barb (Melvakarina), I love your 2 cents--thank you. It was a great day and writing about it allowed me to relive it all. Good fun!

  7. Wow! A wonderfully calming and beautiful tale - it was almost like being there. Sigh- the lake looks so very serene.

  8. Elsa, I'm sure you would have loved being there. It was a very good day on the lake. Thank you for reading.