Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things I Learned Later

From Barbara Jean's Collection, 2009

The lost
of a nectarine
a smooth skinned peach.

His dancing
on Halloween
with her,
before Lisa was born.

at the sight
of his sister’s first needle,
before she was my godmother,
before she left us,

And the bridge
to the lighthouse
he could not cross.


  1. I love the imagery here... not sure what it means, but I'll sit with it for a little while... What a gift that alone is, isn't it? Thank you.


  2. Alexandria and Anna, Thank you for your kind words.

    Maria, Thank you for your note. The poem is mostly about some things I learned about a certain someone after knowing that person for a long time...special things I was surprised not to have known earlier. In my photograph, I used a newly acquired miniature antique wooden man. He was given to me, along with several other fantastic miniatures, by one of my aunts. She's collected miniatures for a long time and recalling how much I adored them as a little girl, she wanted to pass some on to me.

  3. beautiful. with the photo... haunting

  4. Lisa, ...but isn't the beautiful poem a bit haunting and isn't the haunting photo a bit beautiful?

  5. I love how so few words can create such rich and powerful images. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Jessica, Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.