Sunday, October 18, 2009

For myself, for me.

Seattle, WA - October 2009

and expanded,
with nothing at all.

Is there still
a glimmer,
no matter how small?

A light floating fragment,
a ghost of the old you.

A tiny
yellow leaf.

Should I capture it?

That one last
piece, all that remains.

And keep it,
for myself.

Should I take it?

And press it,
hot with an iron,

between two sheets of wax.

So I can hold it,
preciously in my palm.

And cry.

For me,
just selfishly for me.


  1. Dear Char,

    Yes, losing what you love, watching it fade, it is quite sad.

    Thanks for reading.

    I hope the rest of your day was filled with nice things like cozy spaces, caramel apples, and beautifully colored autumn leaves.


  2. I love this poem... it is sad, but it is beautifully written. And the image of being able to capture just the tiniest speck of that which you love in yourself... There's hope in that too, no?

    Anyway. I love the photo, too. beautiful, beautiful post, dear...


  3. so beautifully worded with a slight solemn tone.. still capturing happy thoughts of ones love of life

  4. haunting and lovely...I really like the photograph.

  5. Thank you, Maria. You are such a dear and thoughtful person.

    Melva, Thank you. Very observant and well said.

    Alexandria, Thank you. I took the photograph very soon after I wrote the poem, in the same cafe in Seattle. I was in Victrola (on Pike) and there was just something inspiring about the place. I'll definitely be returning to Seattle.