Monday, August 17, 2009

Ice cream, in oatmeal?

Steel Cut Oats, Red Apricots, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and Freshly Ground Nutmeg

Yes, ice cream in oatmeal!

The following is excerpted from the comments section of a post about ice cream on david lebovitz living the sweet life in Paris.

Ice cream in oatmeal? My father used to top our Cream of Wheat with vanilla ice cream and until now I'd never heard anyone reference anything even close. You are the first. We loved it--rich cool sweet cream melting over breakfast...yum. I'm sure your version, caramelized white chocolate ice cream stirred into oatmeal, is superb!

chez danisse: Ice cream, in oatmeal? Even I'm not that crazy : )

I put a big spoonful of the caramelized white chocolate itself in the oatmeal, let it melt a bit, then stir it around slightly. (Not too much, such I like ribbons of it.)

Oops...looks like I was reading too quickly and seeing what I wanted to see versus what was actually written. That being said, I am crazy enough to try ice cream in oatmeal and plan on giving it a go. It was so good in Cream of Wheat. I'm sure it will be tasty. Maybe you should get a little crazy and try it too ; )


  1. oh!
    You have great website and blog!
    I realy enjoyed:)

  2. I am game for the oatmeal and ice cream combo! So glad you posted about this. :)

  3. Now that is one I've never tried!

  4. oatmeal and ice cream = a happy marriage. i'm a believer.

  5. Sounds oddly perfect!

  6. Haven´t tryed that one before, sounds nice.

  7. Oh - I would LOVE the eat this now...yummy yummy! Hope your day is a great one...for me here in germany it´s time to go to bed...nighty night :o)