Tuesday, March 3, 2009

bored with breakfast?

Chris relaxing on the deck (ours for the weekend)

We just spent three beautiful days on the Inverness Ridge. Our climb to the top was pretty intense, so we tried to limit our trips into town for supplies and cooked most of our meals in the house.

One morning Chris decided to make savory oatmeal. Yes, savory - no brown sugar, no cream, no raisins.

He patiently prepared 2 servings of Bob's Red Mill 100% whole grain steel cut oats. Steel cut oats are worlds away from the oatmeal most of us grew up eating. They differ in taste (better), texture (better), and preparation (l o n g e r). Steel cut oats cook for 10-20 minutes over a low heat, nothing like those cute little sweetened pouches of just add hot water instant oatmeal.

Chris topped our savory steel cut oats with diced salametto (Fra'Mani handcrafted salumi from Berkeley) found at Tomales Bay Foods, finely grated Pecorino Romano from Palace Market (the one cheese we forgot to purchase at Cowgirl Creamery - love that place!), a drizzle of McEvoy Ranch extra virgin olive oil (McEvoy is a class act, but Stonehouse is still my favorite), and he completed the dish with coarse ground black pepper.

It was fantastic! I know we will be experimenting with many variations on this theme.

Thanks Chris!


  1. wow -- I would have never thought of oatmeal as something that could be savory! neutral, perhaps, but savory?! I have got to try this...

    and I see you're now in SF? what a treat to live close to the ferry building! I love getting fresh Saint Benoit yogurt at the FM on the weekends. The carnitas turnovers from frog hollow farms (inside) are also super delicious

  2. jen, give it a go and let me know what you think. yes, the ferry plaza is a treat. we stocked up on all sorts of wonderful fruits, veggies, and herbs this morning. i love the saint benoit yogurt, but have not tried frog hollow farm's carnitas turnover. if it's half as delish as their ham and gruyere turnover i'll be thrilled!