Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Me

@76-A, 2008

I'm missing her today...

photograph: Christopher Parsons


  1. you look in the flow in that beautiful garden. I've been yearning too recently for another me; the adventurous one who was prepared to say 'yes' more than the one cooking supper and half-heartedly tidying the kitchen tonight.

  2. Hi, Kate. How about you you say 'yes' to one thing and I go for a walk in the community garden.

  3. Looks like you, or what I imagine one side of you looks like...

  4. maybe you can invite her to stay with you now and then. perhaps she´ll bing a handfull of earth with her as a welcome gift:)

  5. I need her now. I just spent an hour in my garden but it needs days worth of work that I'm too tired to give it today.

    Send her up, I'll feed her well and tell her a good story.

    xo Jane

  6. WSAKE, I like this idea.

    Jane, If I lived closer...

  7. For now, I'm the kind of person who takes a welcomed break from the garden in winter, and I already feel a disconnect between the garden-obsessed person I was a few months ago. All I have now are the frozen bagged remnants of that time!

  8. You know, just this morning I was out fussing with my compost and for some reason I thought of you and your worms for girls. And I smiled at that other who is still you -- even though I've not (yet) met you both in person.

  9. That was a pretty fun side of Denise. However, there are so many other cool sides that I forgot to miss that one.

  10. Just visited your webpage. Love your art - as well as your blog.-)

  11. Ah yes, the other me sides. They're all in there, and she'll find a way to poke her green thumb out I'm sure.

  12. I like the picture. It makes me think of worms, burrowed deep into the earth right now in order to stay warm.

  13. That looks like a nice 'another me' thing to be nice to have an another you see her often?

  14. Denise, I did it. In fact, I said 'yes' to two things in one day (and have signed myself up to a big, future 'yes') and it was a good day. Thanks for the push. Hope you walked and enjoyed.

  15. Wow...a title, a picture, and one sentence just evoked all kinds of thoughts in my head. The other me...yeah, me too.

  16. That me was raking leaves in Massachusetts at my dad's place a few weeks ago. Always nice when she comes out.

  17. very nice--but I like Christopher's comment,too.
    I'm reminded of a friend, who had to give up sewing because of new demands, new directions--she lamented the loss of that part of her life,but at the same time was happy for change.

  18. Every time I read your blog I feel that I am at the start of a book of wonderful short stories. Happy 44th fellow lover of books and words. Happy Birthday to you.

  19. a pot of damp soil, a little shovel and some seeds might help ease the longing...

  20. Stacy, A break can make the return all the more fun.

    Anne, Perhaps we'll both return one day.

    Shae, Yes, I suppose we're both here, one of us just a little quieter at the moment.

    Christopher, You make me smile.

    Jaimie, Am I a puzzle? I suppose blogging does lend itself to such things.

    Michele, She is.

    carina, That work feels a bit distant at the moment, the work of the grad school Denise. Not unlike the gardening Denise. But these are all still parts of me.

    kate, Agreed.

    Rachael, Yes, I see what you mean.

    Annie, Not often enough.

    Tracy, Yes...precisely how I was feeling.

    kate(littlehouse), Bravo! Good for you. I have walked and walked, but not to the community garden yet. I better get to it and fulfill my side of the bargain.

    Rachel, I'm not surprised. You seem to have the capacity for much depth.

    Nicole, Excellent reminder for me. I'll get to garden when I visit my dad! I feel better now.

    nancy, Thank you. It is true, joy can be found in many places.

    Lecia, Thanks.

    Teresa, What a lovely compliment. Thank you.

    melissa, So true. It can be a mini endeavor. Bigger does not mean better.