Monday, January 10, 2011


One, 2011

and completion,
they both gratify.

It is ending
that is hard.

I pause beside the park.

This tenth day
smells of fresh cut grass.

The air,
it is cold and sharp.

Still and quiet, I watch.

A small aging dog
hobbles contentedly
through the short blades,
softening the day.

Moving forward,
I begin to count my steps.


  1. Sparse yet evocative.

    I too hobbled contentedly through my day but I didn't know until you told me.

    xo jane

  2. Jane, You always bring a smile to my face. I'm not sure who cracks me up most, you or Mise. You are neck and neck. Will it be a tie?

    shari, A big thank you.

    Maria, Thank you. It's so nice to see your face. I've missed you. I hope all is well with you, your family, and your design work. Your last post was exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to lately.

  3. Here, the tenth day smelled like snow, wet dogs and snow pants.

  4. kate, Thanks.

    Mariana, I did? This pleases me.

    Melissa, Snow and snow pants seem pretty fun, but I'm not as sure about wet dog. Perhaps your dogs have a very special wet dog scent. Yes, I'm sure they do.

  5. Altogether lovely and true -- photo included, of course. I particularly feel the first stanza. Thank you, from one step-counter to another.

  6. Today, and just over the bridge...I am picturing it in my minds eye. A quiet observation, lovely words... x

  7. I think out of everything you have written, these words speak to me the most.

  8. Lovely.
    Simple, uplifting and wanting to move forward.

  9. Shae, Thank you. The first stanza is certainly true for me.

    Janis, And I am picturing you painting, with your new morning cup.

    Raina, Really? Wow. Thank you.

    nancy, (smile)

    Thanks, Camilla.

  10. What a great way to be introduced to you and your blog. I now know I will visit often. What a beautiful poem to think about through the day. Lovely blog. B:)

  11. love the simplicity of the verse, the quiet, the deliberance

  12. The first 5 lines is how I felt about the book I finished today. I love your words and moments shared.

  13. You have green grass this time of year? Wonderful.
    I count steps, too.

  14. I long for the smell of cut grass. Actually I sort of long just to see grass.

    Those last two lines...yes.

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  16. We all hobble sometimes but it doesn't matter as long as we get to where we want to be. Thanks for sharing these special moments. I can feel myself there, smelling the freshly cut grass. It's good to be back here, reading you again.

  17. Tracy, No...but thank you.

    carina, Thanks.

    Beth, Thank you and welcome.

    Char, Thank you. I'm glad it spoke to you.

    Joyti, Thanks.

    alexandria, Good book? I'm intrigued, you always make such interesting selections.

    the Lady, Oh yes, we have green grass in January. I often miss the snow, but green grass is pretty nice too.

    Lecia, : )

    Rachel, The green grass will return soon. In the winter I often long for snow. I suppose that's how it goes.

    Michele, Thank you.

    Thank you, Vanessa. I agree, we all hobble sometimes. It's the moving forward that's important.

  18. I'm all about beginnings... not much of a finisher. Thank you for "softening" my January day (you usually "soften" many of my days)

  19. Every line so measured and true. Beautiful to read this quiet Wednesday eve of mine.

  20. Dear Amelia, I hope today is soft for you too.

    gracia, Thank you. I'm ready for a quiet Wednesday eve as well.