Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Noro, 2010

The sun is shining today. It showed itself yesterday too. It feels good. It put me in the mood to buy this yarn. It's light, both in texture and mood.

The last time I knit this stitch my yarn was thick and warm and the sky cool and grey. There is no resemblance.

The rain is to return this afternoon, so I must flee. Soon enough, I will be back inside with this yarn and these needles, pencil & notebook, hopes and dreams.

How are you, and your sky?


  1. I love all the pretty lines of light over your yarn. It's sunny here, but still requires a scarf.

  2. alexandria, Thank you. It seems scarves are a year round accessory in San Francisco and Seattle. I usually don't mind, but sometimes I long for just a few real summer nights...

  3. we've had a lot of sun up here and it makes me so happy!

  4. i hope that is a sweater that you a knitting and putting up for sale.. can i buy it sight unseen??? FABULOUS.
    so happy to have found your blog... xx pam

  5. love how the sun, placed it's rays, your way.

  6. How ironic that, after running throughout the house madly shutting windows, I sit down to read your blog. We don't usually have very exciting weather, but suddenly the wind came up and the clouds released their heavy load. (We are in eastern Washington.)

    I love the scarf. Is the stitch complicated? I am fairly new to knitting and can't tell from the picture. I'd like to make one too.

  7. Anna, The feel of sunshine, especially after many grey days, is nice. I hope it shines on you a little longer.

    Pam (red ticking), Sorry, it's just a light spring/summer scarf. I'm knitting it for myself, but might pick up some more yarn and knit one for my Etsy shop.

    Priscilla, After my nice sunny morning the weather has been all over the place today--white sky, grey sky, mist, rain, blue sky... The stitch I'm using is so easy! It's double seed stitch:
    Multiple of 4
    Rows 1 and 2: *k2, p2; rep from *
    Rows 3 and 4: *p2, k2; rep from *

  8. I saw your beautiful light this morning and didn't have a chance to comment - looks like a cozy place for a cat to have a nap.

    I love your knitting project - looks beautiful and summery. (I'm just learning to knit....)

  9. Lovely knitting. The sky here is gray - so am I, a little bit - I hope I'll get around to doing some gardening later today :) Lovely knitting! Noro yarn is beautiful.

  10. I must also have been a little confused when I wrote "lovely knitting" twice :) At least you can be certain that I meant it!

  11. i wish i could knit a soft, warm grey cloud and throw it high into our sky -give the sun a place to hide for a few hours. it shines long and hard from our sky. ah, but at every turn, there are magnolias and wisteria, gardenias. and so, it's not right to allow myself to complain too much.

  12. Finally, today, we have sun! I thought I had moved to Seattle. What a difference a ray makes, eh?
    Today I feel light and full of optimism.

    The garden on the other hand loved the rain.

  13. today, our sky is volatile.
    pink-red-orange at dawn (red sky at morning, sailors take warning!)
    sunny until an hour ago,
    a front just moved through with fierce rain.

    the garden is happy

  14. Such a beautiful picture and fantastic composition and colours. I'm so glad you managed to get a little sunshine. In Berlin, the sky is rather greay but maybe it's the influence of your post because as I'm writing, a few rays are illiminating the tops of the trees. Hope it lasts.

  15. Christina, I liked it too.

    mosey, Cats always find the best places to nap. Being a cat must be pretty nice. I hope your knitting is going well. The scarf above is a super-simple double seed stitch.

    Anja, Thank you. I enjoy double-compliments. A grey sky and mood are a good thing, once in a while, but not always. I hope you are able to feel some sun soon. I like knitting with Noro's multi-colored yarns, watching the different colors make their way through whatever I'm knitting. It's more fun that working with solids all of the time or using various yarns to create stripes.

    counting dandelions, I think I understand. I love the sun, but often prefer to feel and see it from beneath a nice shade tree.

    flwrjane, I need both, a little sun, a little rain. I get bored when the weather is always the same. Here in Northern California we can go months without rain during the summer. I prefer the summer thunderstorms I grew up seeing and hearing in Chicago.

    nancy, I liked reading about your volatile sky. A fierce rain is good every so often.

    Vanessa, I'm glad to know the rays listened to my command to pass through the tops of your trees : )

  16. That knitting looks nice and airy and comprises some scrumptious colors. It is sunny and cold here...I am supposed to be writing a school paper. Instead I am browsing blogs and leaving belated comments.

  17. my sky is consummate gray, but i'm alright with it. i adore this photo.

    xo Alison

  18. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  19. Oh yes, that looks like perfect sunshine yarn.

  20. Oh, I love the light... I love filtered sunlight. It's supposed to be sunny here today, after days of rain and clouds - and more gray in the forecast in the days to come.

    I will have to come back here and bask the light you've captured here when I start feeling a little blue about the grayness. :)


  21. That is lovely yarn indeed. Looks like the perfect spring scarf.

    Raining cats and dogs today in Portland. Feels like we've regressed back to winter!

  22. Raina, Oh, yes, I am familiar with procrastination. We are pals. Just bought another skein today. I wanted to go a little longer. We are going to have rain all week here...

    thenextarrow, Rain here for the rest of the week... I guess I'm okay with it too.

    Leslie, Thanks. I'm really liking it too.

    Hapi, Okay... Hello.

    Tumbleweed Woman, Thanks.

    Maria, We saw some sun today, but now it will be in hiding for the remainder of the week. I suppose I'll be back here looking at this photograph too. I hope you are seeing a little sun in SC this week.

    Jessica, Thanks. Rain here this week too... I don't mind a little rain when it is warm, but I'm never very happy about cold and rain.