Monday, April 26, 2010

There's a lot about me you don't know.

Napping on Hay Bales, 2008
Image: Courtesy of Knowledge Man

There's a lot about me you don't know.

I lived in the "country" for a while. I had a nice big yard. I wrote a book about worms.

It began like this...


  1. Denise..! I love it!! I'm so glad you posted this - and the second chapter (although the link didn't work for me... ?). You wrote a book! About composting! I think I may love you now even more than I did before.

    I look forward to reading more. AND, thanks to the Knowledge Man for that photo of you - even if we still can't really see your face. ;)


  2. This came at the most perfect time. We were talking worms this weekend. How much we need them for our garden...I wish you could see the garden. You could consult. We need dark, rich soil. Worms!

  3. I loved reading this! For the last few weeks I've been telling Erik I want to get a worm bin going. I can't wait for your next installment!

  4. i had a friend with a worm farm - she loved it for her garden

  5. Worms! My roommate and I were just debating about whether or not we should have some! Yes! I'm deep in papers/finals but can't wait to start reading your book once it's over!

  6. I love how you went from being a city-girl with the heebee jeebee's to those worm's Mama! And the part about how the worms should never have been asked to swim, gave me visions of the little fellows gadding about in water-wings and swimwear.... Thanks for sharing.

  7. How amazing! Although I haven't harvested worms myself, there certainly are many in my vegetable garden and I love every one of 'em.

    Looking forward to hearing what happened next.

  8. Incredible. *smiling*

    Your lines are fun even when they are about worms...

  9. You are so talented- you have such a lovely way with words it all comes alive. I am going to re-read(Is that a word?)to my kids. Auggie will love this.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely story.

    I came back yesterday to lookup your recpie for the rhubarb
    (I've been telling my rhubarb beautiful qoutes and singing to it)'s growing!

    I am so sorry about my irritating, sometimes my brain races and I forget to check my spelling....I am surprised you understood what I wrote(I can't even figure it out...hah!)

  10. Maria, Thank you! I pulled down the 2nd chapter after deciding to release just one chapter at a time. Sorry about the confusion. I'll work on a nice face photo. It's about time : )

    Tracy, There are the worms that wiggle through your garden and then there are the worms that make compost. You might need both types. Dark rich soil is such a beautiful thing. Happy gardening! If you are really curious, Darwin wrote some interesting bits about worms:

    Jessica, Great! I better keep the chapters coming. Worms make amazing compost. It's really quite interesting to observe the process. Have fun!

    Char, I can see why. I really enjoyed mine.

    Tumbleweed Woman, I hope what I've written helps you decide. I say go for it!

    Annie, I'd love to see a drawing of your vision, the worms in swim trunks and bikinis!

    mosey, More to come. Soon.

    life in yonder, Thank you.

    Camilla, You are so funny and amazingly talented and diverse and etc. I'm so glad your rhubarb is responding to your special attention. Oh, typos...they happen...we all have lives and better things to do. Enjoy your rhubarb!

  11. only YOU can make composting poetic...amazing

  12. I love it! The 'Here comes Mama!' part really made me smile

  13. This is terribly exciting that you are sharing your book! Yay! So many wonderful things.

  14. That is so very cool!! I wonder if I could manage a worm box on my tiny apt balcony to feed my little balcony garden?
    Thanks for posting this!

  15. Amelia, (Blush)

    Jen, And it is true!

    Alexandria, Thank you. I'm hoping I haven't freaked too many people out by discussing worms...

    Pen and Paperie, I had a larger set-up because I had a large yard at the time. Maybe you can create a mini-version for your small outdoor space. It sure would be nice to make your own compost for your little garden.