Monday, March 1, 2010

17. Omit needless words.


  1. Very nice perspective...looks pretty yummy that fiber goodness!

  2. What a wonderfully architectural depiction of knitting!

  3. I also love the perspective! Every once in a while I get into a rut and need to see a shot like this to remind myself to always look at things from a different angle.

  4. I'm with Mise... and the general change of pace and perspective are welcome here in my corner of the world. Thank you, dear.


  5. I like the thought going on here :)
    Your blog looks great by the way.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful words on my posts. It means a lot. As I read the article, I could see Pullum's side, but I have to admit I still love my little Elements of s\
    Style book. It definitely got me thinking though. Great photograph too!

  7. I love the title. Is that from Elements of Style?

  8. ...and appreciate what's right infront of you. Yup. That's where I'm headed. And I want some cupcakes.


  9. Camilla, I love those little sweets. My husband bought them for me a few years back. The cupcake shows up loud and clear, but you can't really see the oreo type cookie or the cinnamon roll. They are "sweet" too.

    Tracy, You do, and it's a bit dusty...

    Mise, Someone combined sweets with yarn. This makes me happy, so I protect them beneath a dome of glass : )

    Tumbleweed Woman, I'm always reminding myself too. The the best perspective often becomes visible as I'm moving between shots. I'll get an accidental glimpse of something or see a special angle that I hadn't considered, and it will be better than my premeditated ideas.

    Char, Thank you. Funny as it may seem, my intention was to show an absent minded stare. The way one looks at something whilst thinking of something entirely unrelated.

    Maria, I know what you mean. A little brevity is welcome every once in a while.

    Sarah, Thanks for noticing! I never know if anyone actually links to my blog or just reads via Google Reader. I often play around with layout and color on the real Chez Danisse.

    Alexandria, Your posts are thoughtful and I enjoy reading them. You noticed that my photograph title was a link and read the articles! Yes! Frankly, I found Pullum's take to be a little silly. I'm fairly sensitive and I've never felt "vaguely anxious and insecure" when I write due to The Elements of Style. I think most items in the book are helpful and when the direction gets a little militant, well, it makes me giggle, not cry. I just thought it was interesting to show both perspectives--some love "the little book" and some don't.

    Chris, Yes! See all of my rambling above.

    Christina, I think those knit/crocheted sweets are really getting to me today. I'm about to bake some cookies.

    Lisa, Yes, I believe I once heard someone say "It's not having what you want. It's wanting what you've got"

    Anne Marie, : )

  10. Chelsea, Thanks, actually just one little cupcake, one little cinnamon bun, and one chocolate sandwich cookie. The last two are a pretty well hidden in this image.