Monday, November 30, 2009

Now I unravel.

To begin again.
To devour monotony.

Back then I struggled --
needy, clumsy,

Longing to be dependent.

He, in the hospital.
She, the instructor.

Stiff with worry.
The world draped heavily over my shoulders.

Resting in the repetition.

No variation,


  1. I'm reading sweetheart, I'm reading your powerful words.

  2. I like the format you use and the simplicity.

  3. love that first verse - to devour - so graphic

  4. I just found every button that I've ever lost when I read this.

  5. The blurry line between back then and now is closing in for me. I must devour monotony and begin again, indeed.

    much love,

  6. Christina, Nice to know you are out there. Thank you for reading.

    Alexandria, I really do enjoy the process. Thank you for sharing your observations.

    Char, There was just something about "devour" that gripped me. I worked and worked on this one, but never once considered deleting "devour". Thank you for your note.

    Tracy, I really like this comment. I've never heard things put quite that way. Thank you.

    Maria, I hope the monotony treats you well. Sometimes it is necessary. Thank for your note. I hope all is well on your beautiful blogging island.

  7. I have read this over and over again. I am not quite sure how it has made me feel. I want to ask you questions and then again I don't beacuse I feel you can't do that.
    Feel clumsy.
    thats not a bad thing.

  8. Rachel, Thank you. I truly appreciate your spending time with this one. You can do that. Ask away. When the desire strikes, feel free to comment with a question or drop me an email, anytime. I agree, clumsy is okay. Sometimes it's even a relief.