Thursday, January 29, 2009

citrus & cinnamon

I cannot stop thinking about blood oranges. The lovely specimens I have found lately have been so delicious and juicy that I've been hesitant to alter them in any way, but I have perfected a very simple pairing to which I've become addicted.

My inspiration was found in Claudia Roden's The Book of Jewish Food (thanks Mom). Ms. Roden writes of a common and very popular North African dessert, Salade d'Oranges, a combination of oranges, orange-blossom water, and cinnamon.

I typically begin preparing my version before dinner. 1st I find a pretty bowl and a sharp pairing knife. 2nd I remove all skin and pith and separate oranges into sections. 3rd I drizzle honey over the oranges. Lastly I sprinkle cinnamon on top.

I let the oranges, honey, and cinnamon mingle while I am eating dinner and thinking about how fabulous the oranges are going to taste, and then I eat them for dessert. Pure bliss.


  1. this sounds so delicious!!! One thing I am really missing here in Germany is the fantastic citrus available in northern california during the winter... my personal favorite is cara cara oranges -- they are super sweet without being cloying, and have a beautiful reddish-orange hue

    Modern Beet

  2. hi jen-
    i cannot recall the last time i purchased a cara cara. next time i'm in the market i'll pick a few up and give them another try. thanks for the reminder!