Monday, July 21, 2008

where's the beef?

Tonight we cooked up half a pound of ground beef, a green pepper, some canned tomatoes, garlic and green onion (the sole participant from the kitchen garden.) They are basically sloppy joes.

The thing that is odd about this meal is that it is the first one this weekend that involves much meat. It is also the first one that didn't center around our garden. The summer squash soup with coconut milk, pasta primavera, and root veegie roast were all at least half based on the garden. (Not to mention the ridiculous blackberry pie Dene made on Saturday.)

We're kind of strangely, silently evolving to a mostly vegetarian diet. Not for political, health, or any other reasons. Just cause we try and eat what we are growing and supplement the rest at the farmer's market. By the time we have used up our food for the weekend...there's not much room for meat.

The other odd thing that has happened is that we're eating four or five times a day. Denise came in with some fresh beans from the garden and we just made them into a small course on the spot. I boiled some beets as the beginning of a pickling experiment and we ate them all as I was peeling off the skins. This keeps happening again and again.

This of course, will all end as soon as we get the goats, pigs and chickens.

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  1. you forgot to mention our fabulous side dish. my homemade mixed pickle (cucumber, onion & baby carrot). tasty tasty!