Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Fill the Silence

Quiet, 2011

We walked on glass,
or was it ice?

waiting for the other,
afraid to move too soon.

Fear filled the room each time one of us spoke,
fear in the form of figures.

identical and dark,
like Katharina's rats.

Their shoulders touching ours,
hot breath on our necks.

They would dissipate when we parted,
but return to fill the silence of the following day.


  1. Beautiful photo. That light coming into your bedroom must be so nice.

  2. Such beautiful words, filled with a bit of apprehension and hesitation.

  3. If only they could open the window.

  4. Maggie, I adored that light, but it was only mine for one week, in a little rental in Paris.

    kate, Yes, that's where it goes sometimes.

    Cha sen, Thank you.

    Raina, Thank you. I wish life was always lovely, but, well, you know.

    Tracy, I always enjoy seeing your perspective.

  5. Beautiful, mysterious... without knowing, I know...

  6. Beautiful words, and such lovely light in the photo. I can sense the quiet beckoning. The roof across the way caught my eye and now I see from your comment it's Paris...but of course!

  7. Janis, I believe you. You seem very perceptive.

    Nancy, I like that you noticed the detail of the roof. I loved looking out the windows of the apartment and going out on long strolls, day and night. The architecture is amazing.

  8. So dark...your words and your photo. They make me anxious this evening.

    Your words brought to mind a short story read long ago...while undoubtedly the context is quite different than your own, those feelings must be similar. (a temporary matter in interpreter of maladies by jhumpa lahiri)

  9. sigh. Just beautifully written and photographed.

  10. How magical to have call that place your own, if only for a week. I feel so inspired by the light, the silence and the fragility of it all, how we long to say things but fear it will come out wrong. Your words are as exquisite as your picture.

  11. "afraid to move to soon."

    I made a double-take, and then I realized and loved it even more.


  12. I had to do a double take, I think is what I mean. (??) I always mess up expressions.


  13. i like the mystery..the suspence...the questioning...the behind-the-curtains pondering... a good poem is one that makes you think, deeply. this one does

  14. Rachel, I hope not too much anxiousness was brought forth. I read that book quite some time ago and liked it very much. I'm not sure I recall the particular story you mention, but you've inspired me to find it. I'm going to read it again.

    mosey, Thank you.

    Vanessa, Thank you so much. It was a very inspiring space.

    Maria, I know exactly what you mean. Your expressions work perfectly.

    Amelia, Thank you. Yes, there has been much pondering.

  15. a beautiful room. makes me think that's where you wrote these words.

  16. I'm reminded of shadow puppets, but the hands, instead of creating simple, sweet shapes, are sinister.

  17. Melissa, Good guess. A lot of thinking in there, some writing too, but not these particular words.

    Rachael, So beautifully dark.

  18. Came here via Erin - how beautiful. Makes me recall the terrifying beginning of a new relationship - terrifying yet thrilling. So evocative - gives me shivers!

  19. Thanks, Jeanne. I'm glad you decided to visit. Welcome.